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  • Adobe Fresco vs Rebelle 3: Which tool is better for artists and why?

    blackshoe said:
    ... Adobe’s ruinous Subscription model
    Yes it is, but people keep supporting it, and until people are willing to live by principle instead of fear and laziness, Adobe will keep at their greedy subscription model and present it as if it’s a good thing for consumers.
  • FCC approves $26.5 billion T-Mobile and Sprint merger

    Except that Sprint is not a significant driving force for lower prices. T-Mobile has been—first with separating device financing from mobile service, and then by pushing unlimited for a reasonable price. Sprint, like the other carriers, simply followed.

    T-Mobile’s approach has been in response to Verizon, not Sprint. Losing Sprint as a separate carrier will not affect consumers’ wallets anytime soon and possibly never.

    Though I dislike Sprint so I’m bugged by the merger with T-Mobile. But if the new entity continues the same approach as T-Mobile then I’ll have nothing legitimate to complain about.
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  • Italy plans 'web tax' on Apple and all digital firms

    Once upon a time taxes were minimal. Then we accepted larger government and the taxes which come with that. We get used to them and then even stop caring very much that large government services are wasteful and inefficient. We’ll pay to avoid the responsibility ourselves.

    So when something like this comes up we think of positive ways it can be seen, rather than just inefficient government bloat that will, guaranteed, get bigger and bigger with higher and higher taxes (in the long term). And then it will become too difficult to change away from our approach to government because it’s so large, and so it will become worse and worse.
  • That iPhone camera bump could get a lot smaller, if Apple's research pans out

    A problem here is that the sensor size would then be limited in size to the depth of the phone. The largest dimension of the sensor in the XS is apparently 7mm, and the depth of the XS is 7.7mm. It’a doubtful even that sensor sideways would fit inside when you subtract material thickness and display. Even if it would fit, larger sensors are basically a non-option. The lens size would also be limited as well since the reflector size will be limited as well in order to be positioned at a 45° angle.
  • Review: 'Mario Kart Tour' on the iPhone and iPad falls short on nearly every front

    What do you expect? The dream that Nintendo will bring real versions of their games to iOS is only going to happen if their hardware fails. The Switch is a decent console, especially with the Pro Controller.

    The kind of games Nintendo excels at need a dedicated controller to be good. A touchscreen will never do, no matter how much iOS-only gamers don’t understand that.