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  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    Have a 27" iMac from 2009 with 2TB of 7200-RPM storage; was $2600.

    For about a year or so one can get an Intel 27" with 2TB of SSD (no Fusion) for about $2600.  Been waiting a long time for 2TB-No-Fusion, but haven't bought yet.

    When Mx hits the 27", how much will 2TB of on-board storage be?

    Given that the technology between 2009 and now is horse/buggy to SpaceX, it will be pretty impressive if it's the same $2600.

    The new 24"s are pretty amazing too.  Want to see one in person of course.
  • Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD review: Just as fast as your MacBook Pro storage

    Just looked at the US Apple store base MacBook Pro 13". 

    Going from 128GB of SSD storage to 2TB is $1000.

    Both what's in the Mac and this external enclosure are fast & high-quality.
    The "Pluggable" people need to pay for the R&D, design, enclosure, packaging, marketing, etc etc. 
    They charge $500 for all of it.  Are the 2TB chips....$250 for them to buy?  $200?

    To me, having the 2TB internal, right from Apple, is way WAY better for all the obvious reasons, but how much is fair to pay?

    If Apple charged $750, that would be an easy $-stretch for me, from $500/ext to $750/internal,  to NOT have to deal with an external item.

    If Apple charged $500 to go from 128GB to 2TB, then doesn't this product immediately disappear? (not counting sharing large files with others by loaning the drive [will T2 allow that?], or using the files on two different computers [2 laptops, external-drive has movies?]....).

    Hard to develop a fair opinion on what's fair to pay....
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  • Apple updates 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pros with new Intel chips, enhanced butterfly keyboa...

    I like the comment here about Apple training us to be ready for no-moving-part keyboards.

    Consider the iPhone home button. 
    All glass, not an actual button, but has a taptic engine to shake when pressed.
    Feels EXACTLY like a button that clicks.
    Only rarely is my phone ever OFF. 
    Press your home 'button' when the phone is fully-OFF.  It turns to stone!  It's like a marble counter top!
    Power back on?  Button!

    No doubt people are in Cupertino right now typing on glass-top (like an electric stove) keyboard prototypes, with iPhone button circles for every key, with individual taptic feedback engines, under each key.  Nice.

    I still remember the glass trackpad intro videos on the 3 months they spent getting the texture of the glass right, or asking "what does a click FEEL like?"

    It would be fun if they hired me to type:  "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" all day!



    Edit 1 :  The touchbar is practice for what flat-glass keys should LOOK like, and the Home Button is practice for what flat-glass keys should FEEL like.
    Edit 2:   Perhaps in System Prefs -> Keyboard, one can dial up and down the haptic feedback on keys, and vary one's own "click-feel", just like mouse-speed.  Niiiiice.
  • Watch: Everything you need to know about iOS 11, watchOS 4 and tvOS 11

    Can the phone produce a list of 32-bit apps "soon-to-die" that I can preview in advance? 


    Yes.  I opened a known-old app, and when the phone gives the "32-bit" message, the "Learn More" button gives the full list on the phone.

    2nd Edit:

    AND you can see the list in Settings ->  General -> About -> Applications.
  • 'Baby Driver' cut in real time with Avid on Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro

    mtbnut said:
    That's amazing. I feel like an idiot. I can barely use iMovie to make stupid movies of my kids.
    I'm in the same boat.  Years ago on the white G4 Macbook, I made probably 50 movies overall of kids, using a Sony whatever-Cam over firewire to iMovie HD-6.  It was definitely homegrown but I did have a title-screen, chapters, I would ease audio down then up between cuts.  I used actual music a time or two. 

    I just "got" that program, the basics of it anyway, and it was fun to do.  All I thought about while making the movie was the future-experience I was creating. 

    Burned DVDs right on the MacBook and mailed them to family, and even exported the video BACK to the camera, and then exported THAT to a !VCR! to make !tapes! for a couple of grandparent holdouts!  (Just a few times on that).

    When iMovie 8 came out "all re-imagined", it was so horrible I never made a movie again.  It was exactly like being in Windows Hell, where you're fighting/pleading/begging to get ANYthing to work.  No thought of your content or creativity, just head-banging fighting the tool.

    iMovieHD 6 (to me) met Jonathan Ivy's vision that the tools fade away and it's just your content.

    "iMovie", that black-quad-screen experience was the exact opposite.

    I only blame myself for not being able to "get it", or at least find a middle-ground, but that's my experience.  Have some very old movies digitized in iMovie right now; haven't touched them in years.  Can't stand it.