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  • 'Baby Driver' cut in real time with Avid on Apple's 15-inch MacBook Pro

    mtbnut said:
    That's amazing. I feel like an idiot. I can barely use iMovie to make stupid movies of my kids.
    I'm in the same boat.  Years ago on the white G4 Macbook, I made probably 50 movies overall of kids, using a Sony whatever-Cam over firewire to iMovie HD-6.  It was definitely homegrown but I did have a title-screen, chapters, I would ease audio down then up between cuts.  I used actual music a time or two. 

    I just "got" that program, the basics of it anyway, and it was fun to do.  All I thought about while making the movie was the future-experience I was creating. 

    Burned DVDs right on the MacBook and mailed them to family, and even exported the video BACK to the camera, and then exported THAT to a !VCR! to make !tapes! for a couple of grandparent holdouts!  (Just a few times on that).

    When iMovie 8 came out "all re-imagined", it was so horrible I never made a movie again.  It was exactly like being in Windows Hell, where you're fighting/pleading/begging to get ANYthing to work.  No thought of your content or creativity, just head-banging fighting the tool.

    iMovieHD 6 (to me) met Jonathan Ivy's vision that the tools fade away and it's just your content.

    "iMovie", that black-quad-screen experience was the exact opposite.

    I only blame myself for not being able to "get it", or at least find a middle-ground, but that's my experience.  Have some very old movies digitized in iMovie right now; haven't touched them in years.  Can't stand it.

  • Google gives up on tablets: Android P marks an end to its ambitious efforts to take on App...

    Apples handhelds are so darn good.

    We have two iPad mini's (the first with Retina, whenever that was).  They're going strong, no issues, daily use (by kids), good battery life still.  Never even a screen-stutter.
    Actually we've worn out the smart covers while the hardware is still near-perfect!  Just realized that, wow.  What does THAT say?

    We recently bought the $329 iPad.  It's SO NICE that for $329 we feel like we stole it, and it's not even the best one! 
    Offering that model for $329 is super generous in my opinion.  Could've easily been $379, which is a big difference mentally.

    And we now have an old super-beater iPad 2 that a friend recently gave us.  Even though it struggles at times rendering the graphics in our "Clash of Clans" game and can crash Safari at times (its two only uses), I see that as testimony of how LONG these iPads last; that it still mostly-works with X-years-future Apps.  The multi-touch is still flawless, and rendering issues in a game shows how far the GAME has progressed over the years (way more complex now).  Reasonable battery life too, for its age.

    There are great products.
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  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    Have a 27" iMac from 2009 with 2TB of 7200-RPM storage; was $2600.

    For about a year or so one can get an Intel 27" with 2TB of SSD (no Fusion) for about $2600.  Been waiting a long time for 2TB-No-Fusion, but haven't bought yet.

    When Mx hits the 27", how much will 2TB of on-board storage be?

    Given that the technology between 2009 and now is horse/buggy to SpaceX, it will be pretty impressive if it's the same $2600.

    The new 24"s are pretty amazing too.  Want to see one in person of course.
  • Plugable Thunderbolt 3 NVMe SSD review: Just as fast as your MacBook Pro storage

    Just looked at the US Apple store base MacBook Pro 13". 

    Going from 128GB of SSD storage to 2TB is $1000.

    Both what's in the Mac and this external enclosure are fast & high-quality.
    The "Pluggable" people need to pay for the R&D, design, enclosure, packaging, marketing, etc etc. 
    They charge $500 for all of it.  Are the 2TB chips....$250 for them to buy?  $200?

    To me, having the 2TB internal, right from Apple, is way WAY better for all the obvious reasons, but how much is fair to pay?

    If Apple charged $750, that would be an easy $-stretch for me, from $500/ext to $750/internal,  to NOT have to deal with an external item.

    If Apple charged $500 to go from 128GB to 2TB, then doesn't this product immediately disappear? (not counting sharing large files with others by loaning the drive [will T2 allow that?], or using the files on two different computers [2 laptops, external-drive has movies?]....).

    Hard to develop a fair opinion on what's fair to pay....
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  • Google Chrome update corrupting some macOS installs -- but there's a fix

    The internet is pretty wonderful in its ability to disseminate useful information, obscure or not.

    I was re-imaging a 2007 & 2008 iMac that I put little SSDs in (still beautiful, basic internet terminal).  I replaced the little button-cell battery on both, but only one lost the date (which I didn't know).

    Upon trying to load the O/S, it said something about not finding "valid packages", even though I had done the same process as on the first one. 
    Total "wtf" right? 
    I re-imaged my little USB-2.0 thumb drive with the O/S to re-copy the "packages", but no luck.

    Internet search found a forum entry:  "Oh yeah, it lost the date, open terminal and type this command in this format...."


    I barely remember my first-PC life with my 1989-era Austin 286 PC, 16Mhz, 40MB Hard drive, where a game wouldn't work unless you manually set IRQ and DMA channels. 
    Sometimes waiting on a phone for 40 minutes for tech-support, or talking to "that guy at work" that just knew everything...


    PS:  I still have the little 0.75"-square chip from that 286, (it's from AMD), 
    It's in a desk drawer with my sD cards, thumb-drives, and old RAM sticks.
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac sports 10th gen Intel chips, Nano Texture option

    Great machine.  Our 2009 with 2TB HD is still hanging on (fine) for our super-basic use-case of lots of home photos.

    Our 2009 iMac (nearly-maxed) was $2600.  I've been watching for years to see when 2TB SSD was near-$2600.

    The mid-range 27" with 16GB upgrade and 2TB upgrade is $2800.  With inflation those prices could be very similar.

    Like others I'd like to know about upgradeable RAM...

    If it wasn't for COVID and job-loss-stress, it would be a serious contender to buy now.  I still like the form factor and won't need the performance benefits of Apple Silicon given our simple uses.

    WITH COVID, it's hunker-down and wait.  My industry is long-cycle, and will be strained for some time.  Maybe this iMac can hang on until we see the new form factor.


    PS:  Fun update:  Our 2009 iMac is old enough that its Apple-trade-in value is "eligible for Recycling".  Funny.  
  • Tim Cook opens doors at Apple's Fifth Avenue flagship store [u]

    Can AI add to the piece with some history?  Wasn't the original Glass Cube made of many panes of glass (biggest avail per technology), then when tech got better, it was re-glassed with bigger panes?

    If I'm seeing the image correctly, it's 3 panes per side now?  Amazing.

    Three years from now, single panes per side!  It will be so cool they won't interrupt a pane for a door, and they'll hog out a Bilco-Door through the sidewalk!

  • Initial iFixit teardown of M1 iMac reveals big changes, tiny parts

    Does AI have any guesses about when a larger ASi iMac might be revealed?   More ASi laptops first, then a larger iMac?    Larger iMac then more laptops?

    Mid-Year?   Holiday-shopping season?  2022?

  • Apple Silicon M1 24-inch iMac review: Computing power for the masses

    Any guesses on release-date of a larger one?  27" or 30" or more?

    This Spring/Summer?


    My 27" from 2009 finally died.  I took the 2TB-SSD that I had swapped in a few months ago (did I disturb something in there?  Thermally-weaken something?), and booted from it through USB using an 11" MacBook air (2013), driving the laptop-screen and an external monitor.  So the 27" lives-on, but could use a replacement pronto...

    The 24" is easily good-enough for us, but don't want buyers-remorse when there's a 32" curved-screen with telepathic-input.


    PS:  The old 27" now has pink/green artifacts on screen (vertical stripes sometimes, dots sometimes) even with the old 7200 RPM HD back in, and won't boot. 
    It *WILL* boot to recovery area and can run diagnostics on the drive and thinks it's OK (with the screen-artifacts).   
    So it's strange that it can "work" in recovery mode (even time-machine-restore fully), but when asked to "real" boot, it can't. 
    And of course the SSD works USB'd to the Air.

    Strange.  GPU-artifacts that interfere with NORMAL booting, but not booting to the recovery area, and the drive is OK since it's works externally.