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  • Initial iFixit teardown of M1 iMac reveals big changes, tiny parts

    Does AI have any guesses about when a larger ASi iMac might be revealed?   More ASi laptops first, then a larger iMac?    Larger iMac then more laptops?

    Mid-Year?   Holiday-shopping season?  2022?

  • Apple Silicon M1 24-inch iMac review: Computing power for the masses

    Any guesses on release-date of a larger one?  27" or 30" or more?

    This Spring/Summer?


    My 27" from 2009 finally died.  I took the 2TB-SSD that I had swapped in a few months ago (did I disturb something in there?  Thermally-weaken something?), and booted from it through USB using an 11" MacBook air (2013), driving the laptop-screen and an external monitor.  So the 27" lives-on, but could use a replacement pronto...

    The 24" is easily good-enough for us, but don't want buyers-remorse when there's a 32" curved-screen with telepathic-input.


    PS:  The old 27" now has pink/green artifacts on screen (vertical stripes sometimes, dots sometimes) even with the old 7200 RPM HD back in, and won't boot. 
    It *WILL* boot to recovery area and can run diagnostics on the drive and thinks it's OK (with the screen-artifacts).   
    So it's strange that it can "work" in recovery mode (even time-machine-restore fully), but when asked to "real" boot, it can't. 
    And of course the SSD works USB'd to the Air.

    Strange.  GPU-artifacts that interfere with NORMAL booting, but not booting to the recovery area, and the drive is OK since it's works externally.
  • Apple's iMac predicted to overtake HP and lead the All-in-One market

    I've posted over the years about our 2009 27" iMac with 2TB of 7200rpm storage for $2600.

    I've watched through the Fusion-drive years, waiting for 2TB of SSD in the 27" for $2600.  It happened a year or so ago.

    This article reminds me it's past 4/30/21, and full pricing is up.

    The mid-level 24" iMac with 16GB and 2TB SSD is $2500.

    I know the 27"+ will be more $, but this is a fair reference-comparison.

    Given 10 years of Inflation and loads of 2009-impossible technology, doesn't that make this new iMac a.....Technology-Miracle?
  • Apple's 'M2' processor enters mass production for MacBook Pro

    Have a 27" iMac from 2009 with 2TB of 7200-RPM storage; was $2600.

    For about a year or so one can get an Intel 27" with 2TB of SSD (no Fusion) for about $2600.  Been waiting a long time for 2TB-No-Fusion, but haven't bought yet.

    When Mx hits the 27", how much will 2TB of on-board storage be?

    Given that the technology between 2009 and now is horse/buggy to SpaceX, it will be pretty impressive if it's the same $2600.

    The new 24"s are pretty amazing too.  Want to see one in person of course.
  • Apple's new 27-inch iMac sports 10th gen Intel chips, Nano Texture option

    Great machine.  Our 2009 with 2TB HD is still hanging on (fine) for our super-basic use-case of lots of home photos.

    Our 2009 iMac (nearly-maxed) was $2600.  I've been watching for years to see when 2TB SSD was near-$2600.

    The mid-range 27" with 16GB upgrade and 2TB upgrade is $2800.  With inflation those prices could be very similar.

    Like others I'd like to know about upgradeable RAM...

    If it wasn't for COVID and job-loss-stress, it would be a serious contender to buy now.  I still like the form factor and won't need the performance benefits of Apple Silicon given our simple uses.

    WITH COVID, it's hunker-down and wait.  My industry is long-cycle, and will be strained for some time.  Maybe this iMac can hang on until we see the new form factor.


    PS:  Fun update:  Our 2009 iMac is old enough that its Apple-trade-in value is "eligible for Recycling".  Funny.