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  • Apple has bled more than $500B in market value in September

    And as we expect, once they announce the new iPhones (and who knows what else), and then there is the upcoming Holiday season (it will be very interesting to see what this brings?), and than there's the next reporting quarter where they will show a real nice quarter (Considering everything) and the stock will be above where it is now:). 

    They can't wait to long to do this (although, the lower it goes, the more stock I get to buy), before folks with think and say "The (sky) "Apple" is falling.

  • 'AirTags' leak reveals circular button design of tracking accessory

    And to think, I sold these to clients years ago, with their company name imprinted on them. Time and Apple will bring them back intoi the limelight.

  • Apple's first retail store in mainland China closes for good

    Maybe the wrong title?

    Apple's first retail store in mainland China closes for good

    how about 

    Apple's first retail store in mainland China closes and moves to a new larger location

  • Apple Maps will help drivers avoid speed and traffic cameras in iOS 14

    I for one, hope they add Planning a trip, with the ability to add 8, 10, 12 or more stops along a custom route. I, and many others, currently use google maps because of this feature.

    I'd really love to see this kind of a feature then be able to send to my car Nav. While it can be done with a bit of work on my iPhone, it is generally easier to use the Car NAV (which doesn't cut out like the phone does, when reception is bad)
  • Apple pulls all customer reviews from online Apple Store

    I to agree, in that "Review" the product and it's performance and such, not the price, hell nobody wants to pay for any product, yet along ones that costs as much as most Apple products do.

    Products, replacement parts and other BS reviews don't help at all. Let me decided if something / anything cost to much, but please, do tell me if it works right, works well maybe how it compares to a similar product, but leave the cost(s), or even the customer service OUT of the review. 

    Make a note about the customer service at said place, but don't make it part of the score of the "Product".

    Nothing Sucks because it is to damn expensive, and nothing is Awesome because it is cheap.