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  • FCC approves $26.5 billion T-Mobile and Sprint merger

    We've actually had a pseudo-duopoly for several years - AT&T, Verizon and a smattering of smaller carriers. T-Mo was the largest of these but they still had a hard time competing against the big 2. I have a hard time believing that this merger will harm consumers. If anything it will make T-mo better able to compete.

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  • Apple launches service program for iPhone 6s, 6s Plus models with 'no power' issues

    Question. If the iPhone isn’t turning on and you don’t have the original box, how are you supposed to get the serial number? 
    I thought that, too. Evidently you can get it from the barcode on back or it’s printed on the SIM tray.
  • Review: The Apple Watch Series 5 leaves the competition in the dust

    "Apple catches a lot of heat for iteration, and year-over-year, upgrades certainly can feel like that. But, that isn't exclusive to Apple -- every smartphone, smartwatch, and computer vendor has the same issues."

    This has been the case for close to a decade now - except for the technophiles, it virtually never makes sense to upgrade every year. Apple releases new products simply because stuff would start to seem really dated if they did it 
    every other year, and every other manufacturer releases new phones each year, so even though the incremental improvements often don't make much difference from a user standpoint, they do keep iPhone competitive for those shopping for a new phone.

    I would disagree that users of Series 3 watches would need to upgrade, however. Part of the value of Apple products is that they age well, staying usable and functional longer. My series 3 watch is still working perfectly. A larger screen and the always on feature would be nice, but is it worth ditching a perfectly good watch and paying another $400+ for? absolutely not. 
  • 5G iPhone impact underestimated by investors & analysts, says Jefferies analyst

    robjn said:
    5G is massively over-estimated.

    It’s an extremely limited technology that offers no new high value or behavior changing application. Compare this to 4G - which made streaming video possible or 3G that made the internet usable. These were extremely valuable leaps that changed people’s lives significantly. What does 5G offer? The ability to download very large files quickly? What else?

    Even if 5G does offer some valuable new ability that is meaningful to everyone. There is a critical flaw with the technology. It covers such short distances it will never work widely outside of densely populated areas - this means that it cannot be relied on for any meaningful new service - this is a critical flaw!

    These Wall Street analysts are very simply looking back on 3G and 4G and assuming this is the same thing - it is not!
    There are different components to 5G. The mmwave length you're talking about has very poor penetration and poor distance coverage. Other components gain improvements using the existing spectrum. With 3G and 4G it was more black and white - either you had it or you didn't .  With 5G it's not so simple.

    Your overall point still applies, though. In the near term, once you sort through the hype there is virtually nothing you can do with 5G that you can't do with a good 4G signal. Beyond that, if you look at the history of technology roll-outs, without exception they have taken longer to be widely available and fallen short of the hype and promises made before their introduction. I see no reason too expect 5G will be any different.

  • Apple is evaluating new keyboard mechanisms to make thinner MacBooks

    With all the problems and complaints the butterfly mechanism has had, I'm not surprised by this. Of course they would probably be doing research regardless. 

    As for their 'obsession with thinness,' some of it is certainly trying to get bragging rights, but for some consumers it is definitely an issue. I loved my 2011 MacBook Air and part of the reason was because it was thin and I could slide it in my bag and it didn't take up much room. Of course, it had a decent keyboard.

    The other issue is that everyone is interested in battery life, and every mm of keyboard you shave off is an extra mm of battery you can pack in.