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  • Apple-backed think tanks urge lawmakers not to vote for antitrust bills

     various think tanks, political advocacy groups, and nonprofit organizations. They include groups sponsored by Apple, such as TechNet, the Consumer Technology Alliance, and the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation.”

    Why don’t we just say ‘industry lobbyists’ since that’s effectively what these organizations are?
  • Nearly 75% of Apple users don't want an 'iPhone 13,' more than half not excited about iOS ...

    maltz said:
    I'm actually more excited about iOS 15 than I have been in quite a while...
    • On-device Siri (not just for privacy, but some of us sometimes do things outside of cell range)
    • The return of the magnifying glass when moving the text entry cursor (whose bright idea was it to kill that in the first place?!?)
    • Users who want to take a wait-and-see approach (which is widely recommended) can stay on iOS 14 for a while and still get security updates
    The magnifying glass will be nice, but I’ve taken to just using press-hold on the space bar when I want to move the cursor. 

    I’m one of the people who’s rather indifferent to iOS 15. I had higher hopes for iPadOS 15, but that looks like a bit of a let down, too. I’ll eventually upgrade my phone and iOS but for now my Xs and iOS 14 work just fine. 
  • Nearly 75% of Apple users don't want an 'iPhone 13,' more than half not excited about iOS ...

    charlesn said:
    Apple doesn't number different generations in the majority of its key product lines--MacBooks, iMacs and iPads--so I'm not sure why they continue to do so for iPhone and the Watch. Different models, sure, as they do with these other product lines, but when it's time for a new iPhone or Watch, they could simply be "New" instead of iPhone 13 or Watch 7. These numbers are even a bit confusing because they are close to but don't exactly correlate with the OS numbers... Watch 7, for example, will be running WatchOS 8. 
    Apple can start naming the phones after places in California, just like the macOS. Instead of iPhone 13 it will be called iPhone Alcatraz. 
  • Texas homes heat up as power companies alter smart thermostats

    I live in the midwest and our power company has a similar program.  The don't access your thermostat though, they install a module that just directly turns your heat pump off for a period of time.  In return, you get a small credit on your power bill.  If they actually offered a smart thermostat and a more substantial credit, I might go for it, but the $5 per month for three months is a paltry sum, so I've never bothered.
    It’s the same here in MN - there’s a switch they install on the AC compressor unit that cycles on and off. A smart thermostat seems like a better way, though. 

    Completely agree with many other comments, though. This is a total clickbait article that misrepresents and overstates what is really an non-issue. (I notice that AI at least deleted the original article that was even worse.)
  • Google plans Android version of Apple's Find My network

    “Hey google - where’s my phone?”
    ”well, you were at the mall this afternoon texting your mother, and then you went to the bar where you placed an online bet on the Mets game which you lost and proceeded to drink 3 more beers while complaining to the bartender about your girlfriend. You stopped and picked up your dry cleaning on the way home and overcharged your Visa card, but you used the card instead of Android pay like you usually do, so you probably left your phone at the bar.”