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  • Apple loses third manager from 'Apple Car' in six months

    lkrupp said:
    Bloomberg, always looking for the failure narrative when it comes to Apple. They do it all the time. 
    They're not the only ones and Apple's not the only target - failures often make better stories than successes.

    In related news, Uber has dumped its self driving car business and many AI experts are questioning the viability of self driving cars in general with the current technology.
  • New Apple Watch Series 6 has blood oxygen sensor & bright new colors

    Blood oxygen levels are also useful for those with worsening COVID19 cases. Not sure if Apple's works like finger pulse oximeters, but those can be used to tell you when to go in to a hospital for oxygen treatment (my brother and his wife had COVID bad and had to do this, the treatment saved their lives):
    To m knowledge, all pulse oximeters use the same principle of differential wavelength absorption by oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin. There are some other nuances, but it’s all based on the same principle. 
  • Facebook reportedly fined $5B over Cambridge Analytica fiasco

    Nice start, but they should have added a zero.

    They should also start making the CEO's personally responsible for the fines. I can guarantee that things would change real quick.
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  • UK updates laws banning iPhone use while driving

    Yet another case of laws not keeping up with technology, combined with the fact that legislators are not always the most technically adept. 

    Up until a few years ago, Minnesota law was such that it was illegal to send a text even if you were stoped at a stoplight, and sending or reading a text with CarPlay was also illegal, yet holding the phone between your ear and shoulder so you couldn’t turn your head while you were trying to back out of a parking spot with shopping carts and pedestrians all over the place was somehow legal. 
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  • First Google Store takes an opposite approach from Apple retail

     This space is designed to be a physical expression of what Google stands for,”
     So as you come in, someone will rifle through your pockets, copying down all your personal information and any receipts. Then they’ll look through your phone. When you leave, someone will follow you out to your car and watch where you go afterwards, writing everything down on a notebook that other stores get to look through.
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  • Apple elaborates on iPad Pro precision manufacturing process, reiterates 400 micron tolera...

    First a word about engineering and tolerances. Nothing is perfectly flat (or perfect, for that matter.) There will always be some variance from unit to unit. Part of engineering and design is determining how much variance is allowable and part of manufacturing is determine how to achieve these tolerances. (Yes, cars have allowable tolerances as well and they are surprisingly small.) The smaller your tolerances, the more difficult and expensive the manufacturing process is. Every manufacturer makes this decision. 

    Just for reference, the average credit card is about 800 microns, so the bend is half the thickness of a credit card over 11"/280mm. Put another way, 0.4mm/280mm = 0.14%. That is not much of a 'bend.'

    There are 3 potential issues here:

    1. Function - does the bend affect the operation of the iPad? Apple says they it does not and I would have a hard time believing that that degree of bend would cause any issues with function. I have not seen any reports of it affecting function, either, so I think it's safe to say that function is not an issue.
    2. Usability - even if it works fine, does a 400 micron (or less) bend affect your ability to use the device? one poster commented on the device popping out of a case. I find this hard to believe, too. If your case is that sensitive, then it probably has other issues as well. The one issue I could see being a problem is if the bend caused it to rock or swivel when placed on a hard surface. That's hard to say. I haven't seen any reports as such and half the time, the surfaces you put things on are not totally true or have crumbs, etc. Edit: Just realized that the new iPad Pro has a camera bump so it will never lay flat. As such, I can't come up with a scenario where 400 microns would cause any issues with usability, either. 
    3. Perception - this is the real issue, IMO. Others have posted that the shape of the new iPad makes it easier to see a defect, which is true. A bend is easier to detect on a long, sharp edge that on a curved edge. People are upset that their device is not 'perfect' and are focusing on this. Unfortunately things like perception are far more difficult to deal with. After 2 ½ years of use with my 1st gen iPad Pro, I can safely say that 400 microns of bend would never cause any issues in usage. For the people who can't get over their device not being perfectly flat, the best option would be to return it or exchange it. Regardless, assuming the iPads are within spec, I have a hard time criticizing Apple over this.

  • iPhone Face ID not fooled in fake head test as Android rivals fail

    One more for Apple! I guess Android is improving - at least it takes more than a photo to trick it now. 
    That said, Face ID is not entirely unbeatable, as shortly after launch, two elaborate masks were able to defeat it, including one that cost just $200 to produce, but considerable effort and knowledge was required for its creation. It is also possible to be fooled by identical twins, and in one case, by one user's 10-year-old child with a familial resemblance.
    Bkav came out with those claims pretty quickly, but there were also questions as to whether they were real or not and I haven't heard anything since. I just did another google search and all I found were references to their original press release, nothing after that making me question the legitimacy of the claims.
  • The critics were impossibly wrong: Apple CEO Tim Cook was -- and is -- the right person fo...

    Wgkrueger said:
    Japhey said:
    lkrupp said:
    MplsP said:
    Apple hasn't been perfect since Tim took the helm but I would agree with the article; overall they are doing well.

    Oh, and they were perfect under Jobs? Deal with your Cook hatred.
    Did he say he hated Cook? Was Jobs’ name even mentioned?  I must have missed that. 

    Why are you such a dick at all times? You could just pass right on by, but instead actively choose to drop in and share your negative energy with everyone. You obviously have significant hate issues of your own to deal with. Try meditation. Or marijuana. 
    I don’t see any hate there but “since Cook took the helm” has an implied Steve Jobs there and “doing well” is a rather extreme understatement. 

    My, how people can read into things - anything to take a positive comment and make it negative. As usual @lkrupp is flying off the handle. I said 'since Cook took the helm' because that's what the article (and my comment) referenced - Apple since Tim Cook became CEO. Any reference to Steve Jobs is completely imagined and serves more to reveal people's own predispositions than anything else.
  • Review: Logitech MX Anywhere 3 is tailor-made for the work-from-home era

    razorpit said:
    I feel for Windows users who still need to use an RF dongle in 2020.
    We have several macs at work and are routinely having problems with the Bluetooth magic mice. I ended up getting some plain Logitech mice with the RF receiver because it was more reliable. 

    Another bonus with this mouse is you can charge it and use it at the same time, unlike Apple’s moronic design. The battery on my Magic Mouse is starting to go, so I will periodically go down to work and find it dead. Unlike Logitech, apple thought putting the charging port on the bottom was better than on the nose where it wouldn’t interrupt your work flow. 

    The main reason I’ve kept my Magic Mouse is for the horizontal scrolling, but I may have to get one of these Logitech mice. The Magic Mouse may be headed out the door...
  • Former Apple CDO Jony Ive helped design the 24-inch iMac

    lam92103 said:
    So is that why it only comes with 2/4 USB-C ports?
    The ports are my biggest/only real complaint with the new iMac. I’ve never thought that having all of the ports on the back was a good idea. Put at least one or two on the side so they’re accessible. aAnd limiting the low end Mac to just 2 ports??? It’s not a laptop; you can’t even make a half-assed space or power excuse. I’d also like to see at least one USB A port. Even 6 years after Apple declared ‘USB C is the future’ USB A is still incredibly common. My new Apple TV came with a USB A charging cable last week.