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  • How to send images from the Messages app on the iPhone in iOS 12

    I hope we all get used to it. Personally i don't like having to re learn basic functions or to discover that previous functionality has quietly disappeared. I guess it's the price of progress!
  • Judge rules AT&T can complete $85B acquisition of Time Warner

    • This is how I imagine the ads for internet service/streaming will look VERY soon:

    • Need internet? Look no further! The Everything Package© from AT&T© gets you Fox.com (*additional subscription required to see programming), NewYorkTimes.com (*extreme liberal content excluded), Google.com (*15 FREE searches per week... additional searches at only 99 cents each!!!) PLUS a HUNDRED other great web destination including ATTimeWarnerFlix (Netflix is not available because we don't own it) absolutely FREE for only $189.99 a month.
    • Don't need all those messy websites? With AT&TTIMEWARNERNOW© you get A LA CARTE access to any website of your choice for only $2.99 per visit! That's right! No monthly internet fee, just pay literally by the click!

    • So what are you waiting for? Get out your credit card and start enjoying your net freedoms© ... or rather, enjoy our giga corporation's freedom to charge $$$$$$$ tons of money, throttle your data, exclude any content we deem objectionable, and sell your browsing history for even more money.

  • Apple inks Writers Guild of America contract, agrees to better writer benefits

    This is a plus for writers. The WGA's MBA doesn't include a lot of important stuff, including many streaming platforms as well as the entire category of animation. That's right, if you write SHREK 2, you don't get residuals, even though animation is 25% of the box office. And streaming platforms are obviously the future, rather than traditional networks. Heck, even cable channels make you negotiate your own back end (if you get any) in many cases. So, bravo Apple, for doing a positive thing.

    Although to be frank, Apple is going after such high profile talent, they probably had to sign the MBA in order to get the show runners to say yes. Still, they did it. Good for Apple. Come on, everybody else. You can't make content without writers. It's in your interest to make the job offering attractive to talent.
  • Apple stock taking a beating on analyst note predicting soft summer iPhone X demand

    There is a strong desire among many analysts to see the familiar narrative become reality: that Apple has reached peak iPhone slash market saturation slash the ceiling of money it can make. I applaud analysts for sticking with this story. Eventually it may become true. Just Earth may become flat some day. Just keep believing, analysts. Keep the faith.
  • Mac mini: What we want to see in an update to Apple's low-cost desktop

    I'd like to see a machine where the user can easily upgrade the SSD drive, graphics card, and RAM.

    I really doubt that will happen, however, because then you could use it for several years rather than having to buy a new Mac $$$.