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  • Apple Card opened up to more users ahead of official launch

    Perfect credit score is 850. I once reviewed one of mine from Experian and found some surprises and errors. So that may be another avenue to explore if you wish a lower rate. I made some extra payments on mortgage and that really boosted score.
  • Editorial: Why is privacy-minded Apple putting its new TV app on smart TVs notorious for s...

    Thank you. :) Indeed it was turned on, so I turned it off and reset. (To others, this toggle is found at bottom of "Privacy." )
         If this was the source, I suppose that makes Apple the culprit. That giant ad was crazy, horrifying, very un-apple like. Reminded me of searching years ago on my friends Windows PC. 
        I hope Tim Cook codifies and pledges to his heavily invested customers that Apple will defend against such "abuses." And let customers easily tailor their ad intake. I live in a heavily marketed zip code. Even public buses have giant billboard ads for condoms. AR opens whole world of advertising. (Glad none on Apple's Statue of Liberty) Lay out some guidance to your sucessors Mr Cook, while you can think clearly. AI might help by a series of pieces. What does EFF think? Harvard group? IEEE or ACM Subgroup, Cato, etc etc. 
  • Editorial: Why is privacy-minded Apple putting its new TV app on smart TVs notorious for s...

    Savvy move, IF one can pinpoint the blame for any privacy slip and therefore shift to Apple TV to get wholly within protected ecosystem. Case in point: Last night I was searching in private mode using Safari iOS 12.3 iphone X on Duck Duck Go. Everytime I clicked on a link (for fish sauce) I was served an advertisement, based on past browsing history days ago (cat scratching issue). Even though I keep in phone in private dark mode and use DDG, someone was tracking! When one small banner ad exploded and took up 80 percent of real estate I cut short my search. Looked up DDG on Wiki and see they still make big claims but are allied with Yahoo and Bing. But I'm not sure who to blame really. DDG? ATT my provider? Siri who I've given much tracking leeway? How do I (and Apple) prevent in future? It's a dystopia come true, when ads takeover and infringe on productivity. Most of time I switch off Javascript on mobile, but not last night.
  • Editorial: The new Services - How will Apple Arcade's exclusivity, privacy affect Android ...

    Never thought of that gay privacy angle with regard to ads and personal security. Privacy is probably more a visceral issue to Tim Cook because I imagine he was gay at a time when accidently coming out was probably dangerous in some spots of US. Anyway now that's a big plus for Apple and to me helps make his privacy statements more credible. Privacy is key issue not just for this, grappling w abortions, medical issues, but also for finances. Don't you think Russian or Chinese agents would love to know who has highest student debt in certain strategic industries in US, Europe, Japan, etc.? Privacy is even more than a personal issue. Finally more people are wising up.
  • Apple Pay abruptly dropped by JCPenney, is no longer accepted in store [u]

    What irks me more are the smaller guys online who advertise ApplePay upfront, so you fill up a cart, and then it disappears on checkout. I'm not implying intentional bait and switch, but it recently happened to me on and They both inquired by email why I left my cart, and I told them about the disappearing apple logo on checkout.