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  • Review: Apple Pencil 2 is a huge step forward but still not perfect

    dysamoria said:
    The person who feels it’s useless might mean it’s useless to them. It’s semi useless to me as well because of the thing Apple sill hasn’t addressed with this new version: the tip. Against a smooth glass screen, it’s far too slippery. There’s no tooth. No friction. And, NO, I am NOT going to put a textured screen protector on to work around this problem.

    Yes, there are people who do use these styluses without that complaint. Good for them. For me, however, I can barely use mine. I never got used to it because it just feels wrong. My Wacom stylus and tablet both provide friction between them. The Wacom styluses have interchangeable tips with different material. My favorite is the felt tip type which I have on two styluses. They feel natural. The sad part about them is that they’re on a blind tablet. I have to look at a screen and not the stylus. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil was supposed to be the dream solution of letting me use a stylus ON the work space directly, without buying some Windows or Linux Wacom tablet screen mutation I didn’t otherwise need or want. But, the Apple Pencil was anything but a dream solution.

    All I have used it for, after growing intolerant of the various inconsistently-implemented drawing/painting apps (the Pencil behaves differently in all of them), is to sign my name on PDFs, and those I have saved at this point and only need to drag and drop.

    The $100 expenditure was a waste for me.

    Oh yeah, have they fixed the way the Pencil quickly discharges its battery while not in use?
    So you want the feeling of the Wacom pencil, without the texture of the Wacom pads. It's called physics, Wacom uses all matte surfaces on their pads and screens, that's why they feel great to draw on them. They crate different frictions between all their material options. I use the iPad with the pen for sketching on work daily and I put a matte screen protector on it. The drawing experience is much better, but you loose a bit of the sharpness of the screen. Sometimes you have to compromise to get the exact experience you want. If Apple started making matte glass iPad people would start complaining about the screen scratching while using the pen, which guess what? It ALWAYS happens with the Wacom products.
  • Apple avoids iPhone ban in India by approving regulator's anti-spam app for download from ...

    So, is it the consumers choice to download and install this spywear, or it has to installed to be able to use an iPhone in India?
  • Review: The Incase Denim Envelope Sleeve is a unique take on MacBook protection

    Whoa that thing looks hideous, you guys should reconsider the selection of products to review. Maybe have someone else in your team choose ;)
  • iPhone support added to Google Fi wireless internet access program

    Ugh, I wish I knew this before getting my iPad Pro wi-fi only... Whenever I check for iPad LTE plans they all kinda suck. It'd awesome if they came up with an Apple Watch plan. I don't want to give AT&T any more money for a terrible reception and poor customer service. 
  • Apple Watch Series 4 ECG heart monitoring feature could arrive in watchOS 5.1.2 update

    Is this truly EKG monitoring? Is this actually measuring the electrical potential and creating a true QRS complex? I think this is just taking your pulse and converting it to a generic EKG waveform. That is not earth shattering technology. Samsung phones have been able to monitor your pulse and oxygenation level for  quite some time. The potential for true multiple lead EKG monitoring is huge. Many companies are working on it now. However most of these attempts will be thwarted by the FDA and if ever approved will have a hefty medical markup in the American market.
    No, it's totally just a fake EKG where Apple takes their unreliable heart rate monitor and put it on a pretty graph tricking people to think they are getting a real EKG. I'm throwing away my Series 4 and getting one of those Samsung phones you are talking about RIGHT NOW!