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  • What are all the complications on the leaked Apple Watch 'Series 4' face?

    I still can't understand why the weather complication only shows the temperature or the condition. You need both to know the full forecast. Why not combine an icon telling your if it will raining, snowing, cloudy or sunny with the temperature? I would REALLY appreciate if Apple made the weather app icon dynamic to reflect this info too. I'm very curious to see if the UVI will be an integrated sensor or just a daily forecast from a 3rd party. I think an integrated sensor would be much more useful for people that do a lot of outdoor activities.
  • Purported first-generation iPhone prototypes hit eBay in suspect auctions

    nunzy said:
    Apple security should track these guys down and get their property back. They should be in jail. This is property stolen from Apple.

    Apple did it before. They should do it again. These scumbags need to learn a hard lesson about screwing around with Apple.
    What do you know about where these prototypes come from? Maybe it was a gift from somebody at Singular, or one of the original designers of the iPhone that got to keep a prototype as a souvenir. Things are not always black and white...
  • Apple expected to get full EU approval for takeover of music discovery service Shazam

    nunzy said:
    Android can say Buh Bye to Shazam. Why would Apple allow their app to benefit Google?

    Apple should buy lots more app companiess and offer them as iOS-only exclusives.
    That's exactly why antitrust regulations and investigations happen. You don't have to be very smart to understand that...
  • Here are all the big changes to Apple Maps in 2017 and 2018

    Maps is still light years behind Goggle Maps. It's still SO glitchy, When I open addresses from emails/messages a lot of times they don't open, so I have to go back and try reopen them again. Searching for addresses sometimes take forever to load (google beast maps in speed almost every time). Most of the times it gives you automatic directions to places, even though I just want to see where something is located, or get direction from a different address, not my current location. No bike roads, no downloadable maps. Apple really need to get their act together with maps, it's pathetic that after so many years maps feels so unfinished and beta-like. 
  • Apple will let users download all iCloud and Apple ID data to comply with new European rul...

    I'm curious to see how those rules will be implemented worldwide. Most articles I've read they talk about the rules applying to EU citizens, without distinction wether they are in EU territory or outside. Either way, is a good step on protecting consumer from abuse, and requesting more transparency about the use of personal info.