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  • What are all the complications on the leaked Apple Watch 'Series 4' face?

    I still can't understand why the weather complication only shows the temperature or the condition. You need both to know the full forecast. Why not combine an icon telling your if it will raining, snowing, cloudy or sunny with the temperature? I would REALLY appreciate if Apple made the weather app icon dynamic to reflect this info too. I'm very curious to see if the UVI will be an integrated sensor or just a daily forecast from a 3rd party. I think an integrated sensor would be much more useful for people that do a lot of outdoor activities.
  • Apple expected to get full EU approval for takeover of music discovery service Shazam

    nunzy said:
    Android can say Buh Bye to Shazam. Why would Apple allow their app to benefit Google?

    Apple should buy lots more app companiess and offer them as iOS-only exclusives.
    That's exactly why antitrust regulations and investigations happen. You don't have to be very smart to understand that...
  • Apple, please move us all to USB-C across the board with the 2019 iPhone

    Lightning is a better design, smaller and more resilient compared to USB-C. If this is true, I wonder what would be the strategy to switch all their line of accessories, keyboards, mice, Beats, etc.
  • Schiller says Apple & Adobe working on 'really amazing technology' for iPad Pro

    Can you get Adobe CC subscription on iPad? Because that'd be the real reason Apple is playing so nice with Adobe. I really dislike the adobe subscription tears, because I don't use the suit enough to justify cost. On the other hand Adobe seems to be copying a lot from Affinity, a company that was born from developing creative tools for the iPad and sell great products fairly priced. That's why I think is a bit sad Apple ended up working with Adobe, just making is stronger and letting them charge whatever they want; instead of supporting a smaller company which would benefit the industry and consumer a bit more.
  • Apple Watch Pride face is blocked in Russia by watchOS 5

    leighr said:
    Perhaps the default watch faces should just be watch faces, instead of political statements. If someone wants to make a statement they can add their own background in themselves.
    Since when acceptance, tolerance and inclusion are political statements? If you feel offended by Apple celebrating diversity and people liking that, maybe you should reconsider your narrow view of the world. Intolerance usually comes from ignorance, hatred and fragile masculinity.  
  • Judge rules AT&T can complete $85B acquisition of Time Warner

    Just in time for the death of net neutrality! Buckle up and let's see what's going to be the first abusive move and how congress wont do anything to protect the people...
  • Italy fines Apple $11.4M over iPhone battery slowdown controversy

    Aw, since the EU is not approving Italy's new regime budget, they have to look for other forms of income. So sweet!
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  • Facebook rolls out 3D Photos feature using iPhone depth map data

    That's a neat way to trick people into letting FB 3D map your face. "Let us 3D scan your pic so we can make them kewl", a year later "here's a 3D avatar exactly like you! -don't ask us how we modeled it-"
  • Funcl W1 and AI truly wireless earphones are a steal

    This is so misleading using W1 as a name for wireless headphones. I wonder how long will take Apple to send the cease and desist letter.
  • Review: Apple Pencil 2 is a huge step forward but still not perfect

    dysamoria said:
    The person who feels it’s useless might mean it’s useless to them. It’s semi useless to me as well because of the thing Apple sill hasn’t addressed with this new version: the tip. Against a smooth glass screen, it’s far too slippery. There’s no tooth. No friction. And, NO, I am NOT going to put a textured screen protector on to work around this problem.

    Yes, there are people who do use these styluses without that complaint. Good for them. For me, however, I can barely use mine. I never got used to it because it just feels wrong. My Wacom stylus and tablet both provide friction between them. The Wacom styluses have interchangeable tips with different material. My favorite is the felt tip type which I have on two styluses. They feel natural. The sad part about them is that they’re on a blind tablet. I have to look at a screen and not the stylus. The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil was supposed to be the dream solution of letting me use a stylus ON the work space directly, without buying some Windows or Linux Wacom tablet screen mutation I didn’t otherwise need or want. But, the Apple Pencil was anything but a dream solution.

    All I have used it for, after growing intolerant of the various inconsistently-implemented drawing/painting apps (the Pencil behaves differently in all of them), is to sign my name on PDFs, and those I have saved at this point and only need to drag and drop.

    The $100 expenditure was a waste for me.

    Oh yeah, have they fixed the way the Pencil quickly discharges its battery while not in use?
    So you want the feeling of the Wacom pencil, without the texture of the Wacom pads. It's called physics, Wacom uses all matte surfaces on their pads and screens, that's why they feel great to draw on them. They crate different frictions between all their material options. I use the iPad with the pen for sketching on work daily and I put a matte screen protector on it. The drawing experience is much better, but you loose a bit of the sharpness of the screen. Sometimes you have to compromise to get the exact experience you want. If Apple started making matte glass iPad people would start complaining about the screen scratching while using the pen, which guess what? It ALWAYS happens with the Wacom products.