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  • House unveils sweeping antitrust legislation that takes aim at tech giants

    Lot of allegations of the tech giants abusing their platform monopolies but little point by point evidence offered.  And then there’s the question, if it’s your platform and your competing with other platforms is it really a monopoly?

    The large tech companies, including Apple, are by no means innocent babes wandering the technological landscape.  They are ruthless institutions that have grown their empires by offering customers superior services and/or product.  Achieving dominance because they offer better solutions isn’t a crime.  It’s a legitimate reward for hard work.

    Nevertheless, given their sheer dominance, additional regulatory oversight is warranted.  Other than the vagaries of monopolistic abuse laws and corporate ethics (hey, stop your laughing 😆) there’s nothing to prevent them from utilizing their dominance to shut out upstart competitors.  Some have and have largely gotten away with it (yea we’re looking at you Bill Gates).  Whether existing laws are adequate is an open and valid question.

    But we do need to ask our politicians to stop pandering to the crowd with demagoguery and start getting serious with proposed legal and regulatory changes.  Because what has been offered up so far is incompetent and destructive idiocy that, rightly, will be shot down.  The public and businesses alike deserve better.  We need real solutions.
  • Apple TV+ drama 'Invasion' gets trailer, debuts October 22

    Another annoyingly uneducated sci-fi invasion series. Let me break it down for you.
    In our galaxy, planets started forming around 13.5 billion years ago. Earth formed around 4.5 billion years ago. Life on Earth formed 3.8 billion years ago just after Earth cooled enough to have a solid surface. There could have been life in the galaxy for 11 billion years before it formed on Earth. That means that any alien intelligence we encounter is likely to be billions of years old. Their technology is as advanced as it is possible to be. They have access to all the resources in the universe. They don't need to invade Earth but if they did, human resistance would be laughable.

    I generally agree with your conclusion that any alien civilization that comes to earth is likely to be vastly superior technologically.  However…

    Your scenario implies that the ability to travel faster than light or the ability to bend space can be solved.  All available evidence today suggests that it’s not possible, which means all life in the universe is confined to its own space time continuum and that the number of sentient species encountering one another will be rather low.

    We can only hope (and it is only hope) that our scientific understanding today is wrong and that new understandings of the Theory of Everything will permit all sentient species to reach out and touch someone.

    OTOH, if hostile intent is really a concern maybe it’s better to remain isolated a la Dune.

  • Apple TV+ drama 'Invasion' gets trailer, debuts October 22

    lkrupp said:
    Violent aliens invade, what an original story. Perhaps a bit too much projection?

    Will most likely watch because sci-fi is so rare, even rarer are good, original sci-fi productions. Just would like to see some variation on the same theme already done many times over.
    Yes, and the aliens are often unseen or take on human form for budgetary reasons. Good, believable CGI costs a shit-ton of money. But the basic plot is always the same, aliens arrive to destroy humankind and take the planet for themselves... but a rag-tag band of earthlings eventually defeat the aliens and save humanity. Gotta throw in some gratuitous T&A now and then to keep the audience interested
    Have you considered becoming a screenwriter?  🤣
  • Apple Music defaults to non-Spatial Audio downloads, forces deletion or re-download

    entropys said:
    I just opened my playlists, deleted and re downloaded each playlist globally from the top of the screen. Wasn’t too hard, took about a minute per playlist on home wifi (250Mbps).
    Damn city whippersnappers with their high speed internet (he says with jealous snark) !
  • Lawsuit claims iOS 14 battery drain bug is example of planned obsolescence

    DAalseth said:
    And once again the parasites are circling. Of course in a couple of weeks when the next update fixes this, that won’t end the suit, because it isn’t about going after Apple for wrongdoing. It’s about greed. 
    Greed is neither here nor there.  It's built in to most people.  Better to have a system that utilizes it to everyone's advantage rather than fight against human nature and ultimately lose.  Lawyers do serve a useful purpose in society.  If someone does wrong its good to have a financially motivated lawyer going after their ass.

    What is lacking in the U.S. judicial system is the "loser pays" principle in civil courts.  That would make most lawyers think twice before filing what most would consider to be speculative and frivolous lawsuits like this.