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  • Apple's Lisa Jackson sees 'economic opportunity' in Clean Energy Standard

    splif said:
    It's happening throughout the world. Businesses are moving in that direction. Try to make some kind of argument backed up by facts rather then the usual “BS argument” about the free market & progressives. I guess Ford just rammed their free market electric pick up down your throat. Ford, a bunch of BS progressive socialists.
    Don’t fool yourself.  Ford and other automakers are moving toward EVs out of political expediency, not out of a desire from the larger auto market.  But time will tell.  In a few short years we will see just how popular an EV version of the Ford F-150 is with its target market, which is kinda-sorta red state.
  • Florida governor signs bill to curb 'big tech censorship' of politics

    Pure nonsense that will fail. The 1A prevents government from forcing private platforms to publish what they don't want to publish. Just like a billboard company isn't compelled to publish your wonk manifesto if they don't want to, neither does Twitter. 

    Thankfully, Twitter & Apple & etc have clear rules -- advocate harm and you get booted. It's not a "But muh free speech!" issue in the slightest.

    Handy chart:

    That’s a nice thought diagram in theory. But in the real world of an Internet full of massive online gate keepers I’m not sure that holds up very well.

    The terrible irony here is that these companies, with Apple being a notable exception, did not want to act as gatekeepers, at least initially.  It was politicians who pushed them into it - politicians who knew that they could not legislate such action but could browbeat companies into doing their bidding for them.  I see very little good that can come out of this.

    With regard to Apple, they made it very clear that their walled garden had certain functions, some of which were to keep it clean and protect people from vulgar or dangerous content.  As one person famously put it when talking about sexual content, “I know it when I see it.”  Apple appears to be applying that same standard, which guarantees inconsistencies.
  • Florida governor signs bill to curb 'big tech censorship' of politics

    JaiOh81 said:
    Parler is not a "right-wing" social media app.  That is patently false.  Parler is a free speech app.  It was and is populated by conservatives and libertarians, but welcomes all viewpoints, including those left of center.  It was never designed or marketed to be a right-wing social media app.  
    You either know nothing about Parlor or you’re just flat out lying. Anyone who doesn’t agree with the group think is harassed and threatened on Parlor. It’s all about free speech but only if it’s the “right” kind of speech. 
    Did you have a Parlor account?  Tell us more.
  • Epic versus Apple: What's at stake if Apple loses

    elijahg said:
    branewave said:
    Apple may be able to settle with Epic out of court and dodge any ruling requiring them to make changes for everyone. E.g., would Epic pass up a deal from Apple to let their in app purchase mechanism in? Apple wouldn’t have to offer that same agreement to everyone. 
    Yes, fair point, but that would mean Apple could no longer argue that it treats every developer equally. I think Apple thrives on being fair and bragging about it.
    But it doesn't treat them all equally, as I have told you and provided proof for. 

    Funny. I asked for proof in another thread and I’m still waiting. You have zero proof. Just rumors and hearsay. 
    I could have sworn that I listen to an AppleInsider Podcast were they pointed out several instances were Apple gave preference to large established developers.
  • Apple might soon pay for Wikipedia content

    mknelson said:
    Paying to keep Troll Central afloat? Apple should demand Wikipedia to adhere to its own guidelines and stop the rampant editing by trolls like the "Guerrilla Skeptics" and others like them. JW fully supports these though.
    You like your planets flat and full of Nazis, eh?

    I had never heard of the “Guerrilla Skeptics” before so I looked them up and read.  And then I asked myself, well what’s wrong with what they’re doing?  What’s Planetary Paul’s beef?  I don’t get it.