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  • Qualcomm loses fight against handing data over to EU antitrust officials

    gatorguy said:
    Is anyone keeping count of how much the EU has "recovered" from US techs in the past couple of years? I think Google is up to around $9B, Apple at $15B, Qualcomm at close to $1.5B and counting, Amazon's is still be computed, and I think Facebook is coming up too. Microsoft paid their dues a few years earlier but now back under another EU investigation as of a couple days ago. 
    What's the $15B you are referring to from Apple?  Is it the Ireland tax money that's in escrow?  If so, EU hasn't recovered it yet (TBD based on court case(s) outcome).
  • Texture app shutting down on May 28 in wake of Apple News+ launch

    vokbain said:
    Crap. The magazine experience in Apple News+ sucks so much compared to Texture. I have the free trial right now, and it’s missing all the features that make Texture cool, like back issues, and automatically downloading new issues. And in Canada at least, it’s missing a ton of the magazines I usually read!

    Since the Toronto Star content in News+ sucks too, I see no reason to bother paying for this garbage, unless some crazy changes happen to it in the next couple months. 
    Every magazine I've checked has a year of back issues.  Open a magazine.  Tap the name of the magazine at the top of the screen.  You will see a horizontal scroll list of the last 12 issues.

    Now, I think the UI sucks, and this is hard to discover (like all articles in the WSJ, the same way), but they are there.
  • Apple unveils 5th-gen iPad mini with Apple Pencil support, better Retina display

    For all the questions regarding why the Apple Pencil 1 vs. Apple Pencil 2 support for these new iPads, it's all about the cost!

    These iPads were released to meet certain price points.  To use the new Apple Pencil 2 would require the new "ProMotion" technology displays use in the iPad Pros, that have the higher refresh rate.  That would drive cost up.  The Apple Pencil 2 is also more expensive than the Apple Pencil 1.

    I'm not trying to justify the difference/cost - just explaining why the Apple Pencil 1 is still used for the new devices.
  • Apple's 'modular' Mac Pro design may mean units that connect like Lego bricks

    davgreg said:

    I do not know if the report is correct, but Apple has a long history of proprietary connectors used to lock customers in.

    Please name one proprietary connector that has been on a Mac in the past 10 years...
  • How to use an inexpensive TV set as a monitor for your Mac, and why you might not want to

    fallenjt said:
    Got this 43” LG 4K monitor for $399 at Costco and love it. It can display my 4 separate HDMI sources at the same time: Mac Mini, Apple TV, Home PC and Work PC. I don’t have to use HDMI switch as with my older monitor.
    Btw, it did come with a remote controller too.
    That monitor is $649 at Costco: