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  • Apple keeps making third-party screen repairs harder

    I think Apple could get a lot of goodwill by offering a training course, that when passed, allows individuals perform warranty-approved repairs. (And it should be available to everyone who applies, not just to Apple invitees only as it currently stands.) But this course would be both thorough and very expensive. Any vendor not willing to pay for it cannot perform authorized repairs. 
    They do, and it's not only for "Apple invitees".  If you pass the qualifications, you are an authorized repair center.

    Where did you read/here that it was only available to "Apple invitees"?  Citation?
  • iPad mini review roundup: Superior speed but missing a critical feature

    netrox said:
    isnt iPad Mini also a phone since it supports cellular (if you go for celluar in addition to wifi)? 

    Yes, but you need an app for that. Apple doesn't include the iPhone VOIP app, nor is it available as a downloadable app. But there's plenty of VOIP apps available. I've used iPad Minis to also be my "phone" (with buds) since Mini 1. Call over wifi when in wifi zones, use cellular data when not. It all works great. 

    Favorite FREE VOIP app available for it: Google Voice. It takes and makes calls (rings iPad when called) and it sends and receives texts from non-Apple people (and also gives me notifications of new texts). With Apple people I text through Messages and video conf through FaceTime, just like anyone does with iPhone.

    Other VOIP apps I've used/like: Talkatone and Comcast Voice... the latter when I had their landline service. Anyone anti-Google-everything certainly has plenty of other options. There's also some cheap-but-paid apps with more features. 

    Like many people, my pure "phone" usage of these devices is not that heavy, so this is like we use iPhones for everything else... except with a bigger screen. 

    Key Negatives: it doesn't fit in a pocket as well as iPhone (suit pocket works, bag/purse, or I just tuck it under an arm when I need it with me but am not in a full suit), if you like Watch or CarPlay full functionality, BOTH of those need to be married to an iPhone, cameras are superior in iPhone, you can't use Messages for texts from non-Apple people, so you basically are texting through 2 apps instead of one (I just park both apps in the iPad dock for quick access), 911 functionality is not there (but I just put in my local emergency contacts as a single button click instead of having to click 3), a few entities like Uber and Ticketmaster, etc don't recognize Google Voice numbers as "cell" numbers (so I also have the Talkatone app which creates a dynamic cell number which will satisfy text-based authentication. Since that's often about what will then be lots of text spam, I'm not giving them my main number so I somewhat see that as a positive). 

    Key Positives: ONE device to carry instead of two. Since iPads seem to "keep up" longer, the upgrade cycle can be slower without getting behind on iOS features (so not feeling strong compulsion to buy new ones every year or two saves a lot of money), still full Apple/iOS, cellular data services for iPad can get down to as little as $5/month so the annual cell bill can get down to $60 if one does not need gobs of cellular data (I'm in wifi most of that time, so that applies to me), all the benefits of a screen bigger than iPhone.

    Is this for everyone? NO, nothing is for everyone. But I can offer it has worked very well for me since MINI 1. Nobody on the other end notices that I don't have an iPhone and the money savings is sizable over time (vs. buying new phones every year or two and ongoing cellular cost differences). 

    BONUS: if you do have or need a landline at home (alarm system, still need to fax sometimes, etc), look up the Obihai device. It will also use Google Voice for landline calls. When someone calls my "phone", my home phones also ring. When I call out from either, I'm using the same phone number. That also "just works" and has for years. Cost of local & long distance this way? $0 if all calls are in North America. 

    When I first went this way, I transferred my old landline through a few days of Tmobile to (be able to transfer it to) Google Voice. So that was keeping my main number but getting to use it in more ways. People already using a mobile number can direct transfer if they want... or setup a new (free) number with GV and have it auto-forward to their existing number. 

    Impending Mini 6 will also be my new "phone." I look forward to the big upgrade over the existing Mini... then doing it again in about 4-6 years to about MINI 9 or 10 or maybe iPhone Fold 2 or 3.
    See my previous post in this article, on this topic.

    "Yes, but you need an app for that" - you are wrong.  Use your AppleID and the phone/messages/FaceTime features.

    "you can't use Messages for texts from non-Apple people" - you are wrong.  I text to non-Apple people all the time with Messages on the Mac & my iPad.  Again - it's linked to my phone, and my phone does not need to be near or with me, and it does not even have to be on.  Again - see my other post in this discussion.

    911 functionality is not there" - wrong again.  Sounds like you haven't used some of the features Apple offers!

  • iPad mini review roundup: Superior speed but missing a critical feature

    mike1 said:
    netrox said:
    isnt iPad Mini also a phone since it supports cellular (if you go for celluar in addition to wifi)? 

    You can use cellular for data, but won't have a phone number. You can really overcome this with an app like Skype which will generate a phone number for people to reach you.
    An iPad can absolutely be used as a phone (my 12.9" iPad Pro w/cellular as a phone, sometimes).  And it's at no additional cost to your iPhone mobile service or the iPad cellular data service.

    The iPhone and iPad/Mac must be signed in with the same Apple ID.  If you mobile service on your iPhone supports it, turn on "Calls on Other Devices":  Settings app -> Phone -> Allow Calls on Other Devices -> Enable on whichever devices appear.  This allows calls on the iPad/Mac whenever they are on the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone - the iPhone needs to be nearby.  This is a pre-requisite for what you want.  Below are the details to make it work like you want.

    On a Mac turn on "Upgrade to Wi-Fi Calling" in The FaceTime Preferences.  If you do not see a button to turn on "Upgrade to Wi-Fi Calling", then your mobile service does not support it.  This feature is described as "User your iPhone carrier account to make and receive calls from this Mac even when your iPhone is not nearby."  I know AT&T supports this feature on all the plans I've had over the years.  My wife is on XFinity Mobile (backed by Verizon service) and she does not have this option.  I don't know if Verizon doesn't' support it or if XFinity doesn't support it.

    On an iPad turn on "Calls from iPhone":  Settings app -> FaceTime -> Calls from iPhone -> Calls from iPhone.  On the iPad, this feature is described as "Use your iPhone cellular account to make and receive calls directly on this iPad using Wi-Fi or cellular data."

    I've used this on my iPads for years. The iPad have had T-Mobile Pay as you go 5GB for 150 days for $10, and now an unlimited AT&T add-on for $20 per month.  Calls always come through on the iPad.

    Outgoing calls are made via the FaceTime app.  On the Mac, incoming calls open FaceTime.  I don't remember on the iPad.
  • Apple threatened to pull Facebook from the App Store over human trafficking

    DAalseth said:
    Who made them arbiter of how I can use the device I paid for?
    Apple makes the hardware & the software.  To use the product you purchased, you agree to the license agreement for the software.  

    You agreed to Apple being the arbiter of how you can use the device you paid for (because of the software license - not purchase.)
  • ReST Smart Bed review: An app-connected mattress for a good night's rest

    Does this product/app require a login/account to use?  If so, that's a deal breaker for me.