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  • Apple to enhance security across supply chain following White House meeting

    Anilu_777 said:
    Anyone ask BlackBerry? Yeah it’s Canadian but still - that’s their bread and butter. 
    I used to support 1000's of BlackBerry's globally, before the iPhone existed, and up until the iPhone made it history - total crap system (their software, servers, support, etc.)  But hey - they had a physical keyboard (and a trackball that always gummed up)!!!  The models with the 1/2" trackpad seemed to physically work ok.  But the software - they couldn't even keep time zones properly for EU/Asian countries.

    Blackberry also bought/further developed/sold QNX - an OS for cars, equipment, etc.

    Maybe you missed this recently (2021):  BlackBerry resisted announcing major flaw in software powering cars, hospital equipment - POLITICO
  • New iMac Magic Keyboard with Touch ID available for individual sale

    eriamjh said:
    I was excited until I read the Touch ID doesn’t work on Intel Macs.
    This seems like an arbitrary decision on Apple’s part, especially if one is running the latest OS.  It really limits their market, but that’s Apple. 

    Oh, well!
    It requires the Secure Enclave on the CPU.  M1 CPUs have it - Intel CPUs don't.  That's not arbitrary.
  • T-Mobile has fastest 5G speeds with widest availability in the US

    charlesn said:
    The conclusions about "better experience" make ZERO sense. T-Mobile has SEVENTY PERCENT better download speeds vs Verizon/ATT, plus the best upload speeds, too, AND the widest 5G availability... but somehow the companies with radically slower speeds and more limited 5G availability deliver a "better experience" -- whatever THAT means -- for audio, video and gaming?! We all realize that's a baseless, stupid conclusion, right? And, listen: I have Verizon service in NYC, so I'm no T-Mobile fanboy, but you have to call out ridiculous when you see it. As for the mythical mmWave flavor of 5G, I'll probably spot a unicorn before I see the 5G UW symbol on my 12 Pro Max. Manhattan is arguably the mmWave capital of the country right now, and I have yet to connect to it even once in 9 months of usage. 99.9% of the public should not give a rat's butt about mmWave 5G. 
    Latency - I have devices with AT&T, Verizon & T-Mobile (AT&T & T-Mobile 5G on an iPad Pro, Verizon on an iPhone 12).  T-Mobile has the fastest speeds, but the WORST latencies.  Latency is VERY noticeable. AT&T (in my area) has the best latency, and the middle road speeds (still VERY fast).  Verizon is my last choice -  no 5G in this area, and mediocre speed & poor latency.
  • Apple releases new build of iOS 15, iPadOS 15 developer beta 2

    kkqd1337 said:
    Are the dev and public betas the same?

    I have the got the dev beta just for speed

    But wondering if the public may be more stable/suited to daily use 
    The betas are the same.  Usually the dev version is released first, then after a while the same dev beta is released as a public beta.  Sometimes they skip a particular dev beta, and don't release another public beta until the next dev beta after that.

    You can tell the version by looking at the build number.
  • Apple explains why getting iPhone apps outside the App Store is a bad idea

    tylersdad said:
    nicholfd said:
    Jlong said:
    nicholfd said:
    Jlong said:
    Everyone has been going back and forth but at the end of the day, let me put it in this way:
    • There is 1 place where you can get IOS apps.
    • There is 1 place where a developer can sell IOS apps
    • There is 1 place where you can buy IOS apps.
    Notice how it's always "1" place? This is the main issue, and in this regards Apple does have a monopoly (since only apple can sell IOS apps). Apple isn't denying this but also not acknowledging it because it's stupid to do so. Their statements/counterpoints about security and etc so far all point toward one narrative and for one outcome. And the outcome is to disallow side loading apps, disallow 3rd party app stores and for Apple to be the sole gatekeeper, in other words have a monopoly. 

    Yep - because there's only one company that makes iOS & iOS compatible devices.  Apple.  This does not make it a monopoly.

    It's their product and consumers can decide to buy it, or buy Android.  Consumers have a choice.

    1. Apple makes some of the IOS apps,
    2. Apple does not make all the IOS apps.

    The monopoly isn't about Apple making apple devices either, the monopoly lies in the way that you can get, sell and install the apps. There is only 1 place where you can get IOS apps.

    As for consumer choice, there is no consumer choice. You're confusing all "apps" vs "IOS Apps". There are many ways to get "apps" but 1 way to get IOS apps. 
    You missed the point.  It's Apples product and Apples ecosystem.  Apple sets the rules.  Period.

    There is consumer choice - Android.  Don't like Apple's mobile products/ecosystem/rules?  Buy Android.

    What do you think about Nintendo, Sony or Microsoft's gaming systems?  They only allow "apps" (games generally, but not necessarily - Plex, VLC, etc.) to be sold through their App Store & mandate the same % cut.  Their products, their ecosystems, their rules.  
    OK, so taking that logic to its inevitable conclusion....

    My Internet provider is Comcast. It's their product and their ecosystem, so they set the rules right? They say what I can and can't do with the service they provide in their ecosystem? 
    This is not a valid comparison, but actually yes - if you have home internet service, some ports are blocked and you cannot run e-mail servers, etc.

    A better comparison would be with Comcast cable boxes they supply - you're not allowed to tell them what channels they will provide.  You're not allowed to make them let you rent/purchase PPV from Google or Amazon (stores).