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  • Early morning car thieves busted by AirPods & Find My

    JP234 said:
    Talk about a double-edged sword. Apple Insider will showcase the beneficial capabilities of Find My. But there exists a much darker use for Find My. Numerous people have been stalked and/or attacked by offenders using AirTags since they were introduced.

    It's getting more and more difficult for me to parse the benefit/cost ratio of modern electronics. Smart Phones are great multipurpose devices, but have caused literally thousands of injuries and deaths from misuse by motorists, and even pedestrians and cyclists unaware of their surroundings and walking into open manholes, or finding themselves someplace they shouldn't be. Add in the detrimental effects of the disinformation, racism, homophobia, xenophobia and anti-democracy messages abounding on social media platforms, and the benefit/cost ration is looking less and less balanced toward the benefit side.
    Humans are extremely good at taking tools intended for good and misusing them for all manner of bad, misleading, or even dangerous behaviors.  If humans decide to pay more attention to their devices than the normal task of walking, cycling or driving, that’s on them, not the device, unless you are advocating for the device to sense and become less or inoperative if in motion, which isn’t necessarily a bad idea.

    As for Social media, I don’t disagree, but mobile devices have followed the immobile computer in providing more convenient access.  Mobile devices did not create the opinions, words and thoughts of the people using it.  As it was with the first printed pamphlets, town criers, newspapers and books, dissemination of ideas and thoughts used the mediums of the day, it’s whether an educated (and I use that term loosely) public or electorate is capable of doing critical thinking that is the problem, not the devices themselves.  For sure, amplification of ideas occurs more rapidly with modern electronics, but again, it’s the people doing it and allowing it to be done to them.
  • Apple Store goes down ahead of expected iPad launch

    Yep, if on IOS Apple Store App, it’s down.  If on, hit buy for anything and it’s down too.  As of 6:30am PDT.
  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    avon b7 said:
    Bart Y said:
    Your link returns just 823 results which cover the entire gamut of issues from Samsung Pay through to battery life. 

    It is your standard support issue listing that could apply to any phone from any manufacturer. 

    Like I said, nothing indicates any model is plagued by issues. 
    Well, for a €1500+ device, reliability should be first rate and if you search through for Fold Screen or Fold Display, and similarly for Flip, many many people with documented issues, some even your own countrymen.  Lots of additional posts in various other EU languages so there may be many more than a simple English search pulls up.  IMO, there are problems but the public hasn’t made the press aware…yet.  If frustration and dissatisfaction builds high enough, this may turn into a big problem, not only from an engineering standpoint, but a customer care and retention perspective.  

    Samsung isn’t above having another Note 7 or  initial Fold failure again.  IMO.
  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    Marvin said:
    red oak said:
    There is almost zero evidence any of these foldable phones (including the ones from Samsung) sell in any measurable volume
    According to Samsung, the volume of foldable phones was 10 million in 2021:

    The following says the Galaxy Z Flip made up 4.6 million:

    The Z Fold and Huawei P50 were the next best sellers. Likely somewhere around 2 million each.

    Most of the foldables are for the compact phone like the old Razr phones and not like the foldable tablets. There are probably some of the over 100 million people who bought the old style flip phones and liked the form factor.

    This is a lower sales volume than the iPhone mini. If Apple wanted to cater to the audience for compact phones, they could just keep making the iPhone mini series.

    Bending any glass means making it weaker and it will crease.
    The Verge article states two research firms believe the total market sales to be much lower, 7.1-7.9M units.  IMO, Samsung’s TM Roh is saving face or trying to inflate the numbers because Samsung has a dominant position in Foldables for now, and of course, starting from a small number, it’s easy to get huge % increases to bigger but still relatively small numbers.  For now, Foldables have “maybe” equaled the old Note line and “maybe” the S22 Ultra+ has also equaled the old Note lines of about 5-6M annual sales from 2019 prepandemic, total of 11-14M would be ecstatic for Samsung, but I’m not sure there’s evidence for that yet.  Today’s Unpacked announcement will try to frame the Foldables market size I’m sure.
  • How Apple could approach a folding iPhone

    red oak said:
    There is almost zero evidence any of these foldable phones (including the ones from Samsung) sell in any measurable volume

    Anyone who thinks Apple is now “ too far behind” is someone you need to avoid on all things Apple 🍎 
    Roughly, the “measurable” Foldables volume is about 7-9M units total market in 2021, with Samsung maybe 85% of that total.  So about 6M-7.65M for Samsung.  Given we know Flip 3 sells 70% to Fold 3 30%, extrapolates to 4.2M-5.3M Flip models and 1.8M-2.3M Fold models over the Samsung sales season.  If my post above about reliability and customer service  issues reported by Samsung users in their own community discussion boards is true, there’s problems still which eventually will catch up with Samsung.

    Anyway, 6-9M is a terribly low number of market units to commit R&D, parts sourcing (especially fragile, low reliability and availability Samsung units), and production for Apple IF it’s to meet Apple’s standards for reliability, longevity, quality, and functionality.  Better to wait till Apple and suppliers perfect this further and even then whether it still makes any sense financially or reputation wise.  

    Last quarter Samsung touted how its Mobile division made YOY 13% more revenue on >sales of S22 Ultra and Foldables ($22.4B USD total) YET glossed over how it made ONLY $2.00B total operating profit, a drop of 19% YOY.  Foldables and S22 flagships should be the most profitable lines so either they aren’t selling well or Samsung is blustering to save face.  And I’d say <10M units is ok but not selling well enough, and certainly not enough for Apple to get into this market.