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  • American Data Dissemination Act seeks to legislate how the tech industry uses your data

    You'd have to be crazy to use Fakebook, I mean Facebook now.
  • Apple's AirPower charging mat may not be cancelled after all

    Why does anyone really care about this thing? It's years overdue, will be way overpriced and there are better, cheaper things out there that due the same thing. Oh yea because there are idiots that pay $1k plus for a phone that will buy this thing. lol
  • Apple slashes iPhone XR prices for Chinese resellers in bid to kickstart demand

    Apple needs to rethink their entire pricing strategy for all their products. It's just insane what they charge for even a simple 50cent phone case and $1 cable. Can't believe some people continue to pay these outrageous prices for their gear. China is saying no more to high prices. Maybe here in the U.S. people will start doing the same. Until then Apple will not lower prices in the U.S. 
  • Apple sees Mac sales dip, marketshare increase in Q4 PC industry estimates

    Cook and his motley gang don't understand that the vast majority of Mac users just want something that will run MacOS and be reasonably priced. Cook and Shiller are obsessed with over engineering everything that comes out of Apple and their Chinese factories. Just give us something that uses the latest CPU and GPUs and forget all the other crap like making it super thin and making it look like a freaking trashcan!!!!!
  • Apple cuts first quarter 2019 iPhone production by 10 percent, report says

    Cook is a numbers guy. He's all about profit margins that's why he keeps raising the price on Apple products. Since he's taken over Apple has gotten more and more out of touch with their average customers and are catering to the more affluent segment of the population. They are turning into the BMW of tech companies. Over engineering everything(MacPro), charge a ton of money for it and tell people they are having the best experience in the industry. Cook doesn't understand that we don't need the absolute thinnest, best looking, ect PC or phone. The OS is what made Apple great. Not the hardware that runs it. And look at that colossal waste of money that new "spaceship" campus is.  And let's not forget the huge tax gift Trump  gave Apple only to have Apple use most of it to buy back their shares when the stock price was at or near it's highest point loosing close to 10 billion dollars. That alone would have been cause for most CEOs to be fired.