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  • Snapchat says it's happy to pay Apple 30%, wouldn't exist without iPhone

    Beats said:
    gc_uk said:
    Nobody seems to understand what a monopoly is. Just because there are other phones doesn’t mean Apple isn’t engaging in a monopoly. 

    Wal-Mart has a monopoly on Wal-Mart. That doesn’t mean Coca Cola has the right to change their rules. 
    Thanks for proving my point so succinctly. 
  • Judge in Epic v. Apple trial presses Tim Cook on App Store model, competition

    To paraphrase the judge. What’s wrong with Amazon providing a link to allow customers cheaper option to buy stuff elsewhere?   Wait that doesn’t make any sense here either
    Amazon lists vendors who are not Amazon and are selling goods cheaper than Amazon. 
  • Epic Games expert says iOS could be like macOS without security drawbacks

    Xed said:
    Do you know what I do when I want to save money on a purchase? I look for discounts instead of just expecting them to manifest, but maybe that's me and my lack of entitlement speaking.

    Oftentimes when I buy a product from a store I will receive a registration card with the product I can return to the manufacturer. They can send me details of offers and discounts for future products, and details of warranty or support for my purchase. This doesn’t seem to be an issue for the store where I bought the item. When I buy from Apple’s store, the developer can’t opt me in to receive any communication from them, or send offers through the app itself.
  • Amazon partners with Tile to compete with Apple AirTag

    Japhey said:
    Tile’s response to competing with a “monopoly” is to align itself with another monopoly? Was that so hard? Did we really need the wounded, crybaby routine these last several months? Now, they will sink or swim based completely on merit. Though, I suspect that more than a few people have been turned off from them forever. 
    Glad you recognise they’re operating a monopoly. 
  • EU winding down Apple Music antitrust investigation, charges expected

    What an anti-EU sentiment on this forum by a bunch of Americans who look at the world in two dimensions. 
    Unbelievable, considering how America has been screwing up most of pretty much everything.
    Most seem not even to know what democratic socialism is, and the fact that capitalism is also very much a part of society in EU countries. For  Americans it seems to be a lot of “this versus that”. 
    Also conveniently forgetting Apple is under anti-trust investigations in the US but ... “socialists”.