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  • Apple launches iPhone 13 with A15, smaller notch & more

    The iPhone 13 uses a Lightning connector which has USB 2 bandwidth. USB C is 20 times faster. 20 times! Just think about that for a few seconds. A 10 GB 4K movie takes 2.7 minutes to transfer to the iPhone 13 while the same movie takes 8.3 seconds on current Android phones. What reason did Apple have to refuse to add USB C for the past few years? It's on most of their other devices now including their iPads.
    I totally agree. If you are using an iPhone 13 Pro and take ProRes photos, you’ll need the fast transfer speeds of USB-C. For me, I’m not upgrading this year as it’s the first time in a long time that I’ve been underwhelmed by an update, but if they had changed the connector to USB-C, I’d have snapped their hands off - mainly because the 2x iPads and MacBook in my house all use USB-C and I would like to not have different cables all over the place.
  • New Apple Watch Series 7 with more durability, larger screen area revealed

    RoxTar said:
    Not enough for me to jump from the 5. First time in the Apple Watch lifetime that I'll go at least 3 years. Maybe next year. I'm actually surprised the leakers got the design wrong.
    I would be the same but I sold me s5 in anticipation for this… now I’m thinking wether I may just buy the s6 at a discount
  • 2014 to 2023: Apple Car has been in the works for almost a decade

    Great article! My next car is likely to be a Tesla but as an avid Apple fan, I'd be interested to see what Project Titan turns out to be. Exciting times for Apple again and especially Apple shareholders!
  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    The only real disappointment for me is that in the year 2021 we will still be using a 720p camera on an Apple laptop.

    I do a lot of FaceTime calls on my current MacBook Pro but the quality is pretty bad, especially in low light. I’d have loved both the air and pro to have had a camera bump to 1080p with low light improvements - shame.
  • Apple Fitness+ will offer workouts on any screen

    The biggest question I have is that if me and my partner want to workout to the same video at the same time, is that possible? Would it show both of our info on screen? I hope so.