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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Wow I leave you all alone for a day and the thread hits 461... 463...

    Oh, I like this, but some of it I'll have to explain to others who wouldn't be familiar.
    Well yeah, someone is exploring you red herring, of course you do. So briefly as I am aware of an upper character limit.:

    1. Anyone can challenge. That includes me. Are you unaware of that?
    If I am highlighting the point of course I am aware, and by running with the vagueness I highlighted you demonstrate my point. 
    2. Doesn't have to be anyone in particular, but it can include me. Are you unaware of that?
    If I am highlighting the point of course I am aware, and by running with the vagueness I highlighted you demonstrate my point. 
    3. This is the one I need to explain to others.
    This might be good...
    You see, over on Reddit, people like to talk about me. They did it before I even joined Reddit. They did it after I joined. And they continue to do it after they banned me from their little subreddit (which happened immediately after I made my first two responses to posts ABOUT ME - because I was supposedly "off topic". Go figure.
    In brief: You have more than one account on Reddit, you broke the Reddit TOS by evading a ban by creating sock puppet accounts at least 3 times that I know of, those accounts are subject to a permanent suspension from Reddit. This suspension is not a moderation action but an Admin action. 

    People responded to your fluff on WTF on reddit because they where account banned, shadow banned, or post restricted by WT on WTF. To paraphrase your earlier point: Did you expect to go unchallenged? 

    So, when I get posted about, I choose to respond (cause, meet effect). But I can't post publicly where they are talking about me.
    Ironically that is why the Subreddit r/textblade was created, because people could not respond to thing that were being said about them on WTF, nor comment on things they disagreed with. You complain that you are banned because "yadda, yadda, 2 posts" but you were allowed opportunities to show that you could post in a normal and reasonable manner. You squandered those opportunities because you have not learnt to play nicely with others. 

    If you remember I set up another sub, so that we could discuss your points keyboard to keyboard, as it were. My hope had been to see if you could maintain some posting discipline and if that were the case re-admit you to the textblade sub with a forum full of evidence showing you could and would behave. After a few months that new sub had become an example of every reason why your ban could not be lifted culminating in it's closure following a TOS violation. I take responsibility for closing it, and ending your chances of having your ban from r/textblade lifted, and ban which I did not place. The risk of further TOS violation was too great at that point and I had the personal safety of other users to consider. 

    It's all good fun until DBK shows you how far he will go. But. that is the past, and my hope is that no one is truly irredeemable. Otherwise I would not waste my time in these pointless discussions with you. 
    So instead I send a private message to the person who does it. Then, when it is Rolanbek, he used to send a private message back complaining that I'm sending him private messages,
    Yes, I have repeatedly said that I find your constant PM's unwanted and harassing in nature, yet you still send them. I don't read them anymore, and haven't done for quite a while, they just get pinged away automatically. 
    in spite of the fact that I've told him many times that if he doesn't talk about me publicly, I won't be responding privately.
    To paraphrase your earlier point: Did you expect to go unchallenged? You could always post your responses on Macrumors.....Oh wait you're suspended from there  Well how about WTF? You have the floor somewhat at WTF, and you have the protection of WTF, so they are unlikely to ban your account unless you go completely off the rails. You can easily respond publicly there. In fact as the comment of yours that is being commented on is generally on WTF that seems a hugely appropriate place to respond. 
    You have to admit, it takes a lot of gall to talk about someone in public (negatively) and then complain about a private response!

    You have to admit that it take a lot of gall to send private messages to the moderator of a place you are banned from in part due to your public harassment of other users, (not me) for years after your ban. 

    Oh, they can include whatever they want. 

    This is not for you to decide

    And I can choose to respond to it.

    And you can choose to not respond to it.

    It is only if they don't want something responded to, they shouldn't say it. Simple.
    A statement which attempts to absolves you for your lack of control.  
    And then it just gets kinda weird.
    Not not really.  Waah, waah waaahhh use of emotive language;
    Well, weirder. I wrote:
    REEEEEEEE: argument by assertion 
    > "Their choice to make". 
    And your response?:

    Yes, you have said unambiguously: "here is what you must do or face these specific consequences" 

    a final demand or statement of terms, the rejection of which will result in retaliation or a breakdown in relations.

    Moving on:

    What a non-surprise,
    Waah, waah waaahhh use of emotive language;
     two people reacting to clear statement that people can choose how to post and they respond with comments about it being an ultimatum, censorship and, in this case, "control"
    Ummm.. take the hint. 
    I'm simply
    Nope, every statement that follows this DBK phrase needs scrutiny. It's never "simply" anything. 
     pointing out that it is absurd to post something and then complain if someone responds to it.
    Ok then tell that to WT, on WTF. "Hey WT you are being absurd" or is this one of those things that only applies to people you argue with? 

    However Shame, shame, shame it's a strawman, I am saying that if you politely ask someone to stop PM'ing you, the model response should not be "I can't control myself, so you stop posting". 
    They can still post it, but they don't get to set rules about whether people can respond to it.
    Shame, shame, shame it's a strawman No one is trying to control whether you respond just where you respond. Some of us are asking you to think "should I respond" a little more. 
    They can complain about it all they want. Won't matter though.
    We know, because ultimatum. 

    moving on: 
    Maybe those people who post things and then complain that someone responds to what they wrote are the ones who need to control themselves. The idea that they say they have the right to say whatever they want, but then object when some uses the same right to respond is very strange. They can complain, but they’ll just look foolish. 
    Nyan-Na the tu quoque fallacy, 

    moving on:
    Good description, but only if your post. 
    This is an example of what we are talking about when we mention your lack of self awareness. Next are you going to tell me you're  rubber and i'm glue? 

    moving on:

    You are always free to point out examples so we can see how they hold up.

    Normally pretty well when I do it. You see every time you flee from a discussion point, or fail respond only in part to a post (my response to the remainder of this post is that argument is between you and TBD)  You are leaving those points unchallenged. 

    For example I asked you for evidence from this thread of you specifically defending me in this thread. Another day has passed and you simply flee from the argument. 

    I could start keeping score like I used to on MacRumors, you know in case you forget the trail of abandoned positions, you used to love that. 

    Where do you stand on WT lying about a financial transaction, it has been asked before. Especially after they admitted in this thread that they had not even checked whether what they accused someone of doing was even true before hurling that accusation out into the public? 

    Moving on: I have nothing to say about post 451, it seems candid, wholesome, and contentious. 

    Moving on: 453 is between you and TBD, I do have comments but little time or inclination to get into that one.

    Moving on 

    1. Like I said, companies rarely post on sites other than their own.
    Shame, shame, shame it's a strawman. The concern stated that the started to post and then stopped not that the posted at all. You even offer an opinion relevant to Smurf's point by following up with:
    They probably should have not posted here at all.

    Yet I ALSO said they should post more on their own forum.

    It's true that this is the case I have seen you ask, but it is not relevant to Smurf's "cut and run" point. Many posters here cannot follow them back to WTF, and posting on WTF does nothing to clarify the position left here. 

    for example there is still no response here as to whether the Textblades on the pallets seen  in the article and described as "finished" were in fact finished. I point this out in the wake of WT admitting that they had no idea what the feature list for the product was going to be 2015, when they said it was production ready, and had been selling Textblades for over a year before starting to ask users "what do you need this product to do". The finished or unfinished question is valid, because 'production ready' is not the same as needs a focus group to decide on final design and features. 
    2. Except what I said was:
    not interested in that bit at the moment. 

    Moving on: 457 mostly you and TBD tipping and hitting, but 

    1. Because when Treg started, we were told there were "hundreds".

    We were told production ready in 2015. Is was told I would have a physical product in my hands in Mar 2015. Considering that often what we are told by WT does not always bear up to scrutiny, this bears scrutiny. Carry on. 

    Moving on: Actually I'm going to stop there as the posting is degenerating to the point of that I wonder how long this thread has got. 

    So, see you all tomorrow, if the thread is still open that is. 


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