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  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    We don’t post much here any more.  The vignette above shows why.  It documents repetitive techniques used on this thread -

    Ericpeets ad hominem bickering persistently attacks dabigkahuna, claiming ‘no true programmer’ would add using machine language.  

    He even asserts it’s not possible, citing a hand-picked 6502 cpu, different from what dbk coded.

    Dbk points to facts that objectively prove these claims to be false, even for that 6502 as well.

    He questions why ericpeets would intentionally pick a cpu where the add is more confusing to follow, and try to obfuscate using that.

    Ericpeets then goes quiet, and Alexonline grabs the baton.  He doubles-down.

    He attempts to distract from the visible bad faith, with a fresh ad hominem attack on a third party, who’s not even part of the ‘machine-add debate’.

    He turns the ‘true Scotsman’ reference on its ear.

    He brandishes authority, quoting Wikipedia, but then deliberately rewrites it to pervert its meaning, and confuse the reader - 

    “No true Knighton would do such a thing!”

    The purpose and intent of such spin is obvious.  It’s to misrepresent and discredit a target.

    It’s unproductive, ad hominem, and contrary to the rules of this forum.

    The technique is basically “When caught doing wrong things, blame your target.”

    Please stop doing this.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Patientlywaiting and Poisednose -


    Given that there was some intellectual curiousity on words here - we checked it out and found this -

    re connotations of uppity vs. geographic / demographic norms -

    Apparently, this varies a lot by location.  Asking some college-age students family/friends, here in liberal west Los Angeles, this word would be more likely to be used to call out an affluent white mom at a private school, who displays an unwelcome air of entitlement or privilege.  It would be a knock on someone like Felicity Huffman or Lori Loughlin.

    When pressed as to possible racial undertones -  here at least, a few twenty-somethings had a mild sense that it may be unwelcome for some ethnicities.  But mostly in these parts, it appears to be used as a dig on white elitism. 

    It is sometimes amazing how differently the same word may be parsed by different audiences.  British and American English sometimes show wildly opposite meanings for popular words, but many of us know about some of those.  Occasioned by the conversations above, we’re a bit more apprised of some of the finer strata of micro-cultures.  

    Thanks to all for visiting the topic.  There’s much more depth to it than we imagined.

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Patientlywaiting -

    To your question, hopefully this will help you.

    The exchange you’re asking about is below:

    AdamRoxby - Will 2019 finally be when we see the Textblade after all these years?

    WayTools - Yes.

    Waiting - 
    This post by WT seems very different to me.

    WayTools - It is.

    Our comments do reflect a change in tone and perspective. 

    Clearly, once we’ve started mass shipping, we’ll be able to promise individual customers more specific timing.  Before that, we provide an estimate based on our current knowledge.

    However, the reason for the observable change in tone, is increased confidence based on two significant milestones that are now achieved -

    1. We now have a large number of users that have validated and confirmed that the current software release functionality is indeed sufficient to ship.

    2. We’ve now gotten through the majority of the firmware infrastructure migration that’s needed for general release.

    These two milestones are very big things, and we couldn’t say them until just recently.

    So we’ll switch over from estimates to more concrete dates once units begin going out in high volume, but the confidence is definitely going up that 2019 is viable because of the results we already have in hand right now.

    i.e. it looks to us that the great majority of the work is now in the rear view mirror.  Any time needed from this point forward is likely to be much shorter and quicker than what we’ve already worked through.

    Hope this helps, and saves you guys a little back and forth debate.


  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

    Poisednose - 

    What we said -

    “lithium ion batteries don’t age on the shelf per se, their life is defined by the number of charge / discharge cycles.  

    New batteries, stored properly, don’t expire.”

    More drill-down for you -

    Any chemically-based device, if not stored properly, can degrade just by sitting on the shelf.  That’s true of any kind of battery, or even just a bottle of certain liquid compounds,  since they are chemically based.

    In particular, if cells are allowed to get hot, they will degrade on the shelf.

    But any competent manufacturer stores their lithium ion cells at proper temperature, and charge level, to stabilize their shelf storage life.

    As a result, the practical life of the cells is dominated by the number of charge / discharge cycles used.  Not time on the shelf.

    A properly stored battery can last up to 20 years on the shelf. A 500 cycle life provides service for say, 3 years, like your phone.

    Ergo, storing it properly for 3 years before entering service has no material effect on the 3 year useable life.  

    To say they’ve ‘expired’ is contrived to mislead customers.

    Tesla power walls are guaranteed for 10 years, and cars for 8 years.  Both warranties assume significant usage.  Shelf storage is gentler, so they will last even longer.

    An iPhone’s battery, stored for 2 hours on the dashboard of a car parked in hot sun, can be permanently ruined. Does this mean the shelf storage life is 2 hours?

    Obviously not, our phone batteries last years, not 2 hours, and we know not to leave them in the sun.

    So stripping off the qualifier of “stored properly ” removes the entire meaning of the statement.

    If your goal is to accuse us of “blatant untruth”, you’d intentionally strip off the relevant qualifier, to render the statement meaningless.

    If your goal is to know the truth, you’d just read and understand the above facts.  What we said was precise and very true.  

    We’ll assume benign lack of knowledge was the reason for the mistaken accusation.

    If anyone needs an example of how oppo-PR might be able to twist words to malign a target, the above is a useful case study.

    The Tesla forums are filled with this kind of stuff, from short sellers, every day. 

  • The TextBlade keyboard is superb, but you'll have to be patient

     An observation - which by now, is pretty evident throughout this thread -

    Typically, when opposition PR agents are paid to do a job - i.e. disparage a competitive target - they use methods that are fairly easy to spot.

    They must stay on message to perform their job.  So they keep repeating the same disparaging talking points.

    That’s why in the torrent of repetitive posts, they all end with the same message.  

    The objective is to malign.  The target company, and its customers, are typically made out to be liars, dummies, criminals, scammers, shills, etc.  

    The message gets progressively shortened into simply a slogan, of fud.  It’s cut-and-pasted for efficient production.

    The repetition aims to keep a hashed-out thread alive, to refresh their same punchline, and always occupy the last word.

    These anonymous posts are work-product, and hence very mechanical.  Their unnatural tone is noticeably different from a real person.  Someone wanting the product would use critique to prod the delivery they want, not sell a narrative of hopeless impossibility.  Someone who thought the product was bogus would take a refund, and not waste their time repeating the same message endlessly. The mutual conflicts in posture are palpably artificial.

    It’s now approaching 500 posts, with the same repeat messaging.  This makes the purpose pretty conspicuous and clear.

    We’ve invested >10X our preorders to maintain our technical progress steadily over 36 months of validation shipments, and we refund without hassle.  By definition, bad guys don’t do that.

    We dialed down posts here, and don’t engage the repetitive adversarial posts, that we’ve already answered earlier.  Any facts that we, or our customers cite, predictably will get spun upside-down, to bait more disingenuous argument.  That is the nature of opposition PR.

    We accept that some parties oppose this being a huge success.  For anyone who hasn’t followed their antics - if those opposition posts seem credible and cause any concern, please simply don’t buy our product.

    To all our customers who’ve posted true facts on this thread, thank you.  

    The engagement of our excited customers is why this product is possible.  

    It’s why all of us will get something distinguished, that’s very well made, much needed, and well worth the time and effort to make it.

    Thank you.