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  • Apple TV+ reportedly attracts 'millions' of users in first week as Apple renews four shows...

    There is a clear superiority in visual quality, technically speaking, to Apple’s offerings compared to Netflix, at least here in Canada. Not that Netflix is bad but so far Apple is just that much better. I suspect, though, that the quality of the devices one is watching the service on will have an impact on if the superior quality will be apparent. Not everyone is paying attention to that sort of thing. 
  • Apple TV+ versus Disney+ compared -- the streaming wars escalate

    Star Wars and Marvel spinoffs is not really my idea of appealing original content. I’m a bit weary of all the franchise titles developed for cinema distribution on that front so even more related content just feels like overkill. Not everyone feels that way, certainly, but I can’t be the only consumer suffering from Star Wars/Marvel fatigue. 
  • Apple TV+ versus Disney+ compared -- the streaming wars escalate

    Disney+ will do quite well, I’m sure, but it’s not going to appeal to everybody in that it’s basically a lot of legacy content and even more doses of Star Wars, Marvel and Co. There are only so many hours in a day any of us can set aside for consuming media on our home screens. As such, immense amounts of content in of itself is virtually useless unless there’s something of real value in the mix. Too much of X or a whole lot of Y doesn’t get it done if neither X or Y adds any real value to your viewing experience. Netflix has a lot more going on, as does Amazon Prime, in terms of serving up interesting fresh content and presumably Apple will be bringing into the mix plenty of original programming, some of which will no doubt, prove appealing. 

    Households with children who eat up the Disney catalogue will certainly enthusiastically embrace the new service, provided Disney doesn’t get greedy after the launch phase wraps up. Yet there are a lot of households that I can imagine would regard Disney+ as heavy on volume but short on value. Netflix/Amazon Prime and now Apple TV+ are really different services, pinning their hopes on original content more than legacy titles. Those three streaming services combined are ample in meeting my streaming needs and additional services are going to have a hard time convincing me to add them, too.
  • Ad companies say Apple is taking a 'slow roll' in promoting Apple TV+

    Right now Apple doesn’t have enough content to promote the service aggressively. Millions will have access as a perk for buying an Apple product they would have bought anyway. The price of the service is modest and millions will get it free at launch, myself included. This gives Apple time for a slow rollout that should lead to a robust package of titles by this time next year. Who knows, maybe there might even be a title or two that has achieved must-see status, though none of the launch titles are headed that way. By the way, the technical quality of the files, at least via an Apple TV, is excellent on a quality, HDR set. 

    If Apple doesn’t rush out and gather up third-party filler content to charge more, this effort will be a big success. Keep subscription cost below other streaming options and focus more on quality than quantity. These days there is a lot of available content. Personally I’m not looking at Disney’s new service because between Netflix, Amazon Prime and now AppleTV+ I have run out of hours in the day to fit any more content in. In addition to what I’m already subscribing to, there’s sports to follow and I like to collect movies, so AppleTV+ is about as much as I can handle in terms of adding even more available content, beyond that. Really, the only reason Apple’s offering has a real chance in surviving in what is becoming a crowded market, is that it likely will be low-cost enough to be seen as a worthwhile compliment. Among the rest of them, as more providers pile on, I suspect there will be winners and losers, as consumers figure out which services to sign up for. Few households will go for all of them, would be my guess. 
  • Music industry pushing back against Apple Music, Apple TV+ master bundle

    cpsro said:
    This unfortunately seems to be devolving into a business like the cable providers', with all-in "deals" instead of a la carte.
    If the bundle is offered in addition to the individual services, there is no down side.