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  • Dozens of stalking victims join AirTag class action suit against Apple

    These are typical responses in society that people who are abused and sometimes killed get. I am a victim and survivor of extreme mental psychopathic abuse. I’m a male in my 50’s. I have wrote on AI about these devices being a stalkers dream since they came out. There is virtually no information or education about narcissistic and psychopathic abuse. And unless you have gone through it, or lost a family member to it, people dismiss it as people who are at fault for picking a bad partner, it’s THEIR fault. You blamers further gaslight and torture victims of this kind of abuse further. And you are no better then the abusers themselves for your thoughtless and none empathic answers. I hope victims get billions out of Apple.
  • Undercharged: iPhone 14 owners complain about lower battery endurance

    Seems like a repeat of battery gate again. 
  • Apple is considering making the iPhone 15 Pro more expensive

    Android has caught up to iOS. The phones run perfectly now with zero hiccups. I also like the fact that I can program my phones to do whatever automation I want. Something Apple limits. Which is done purely for profit. Goodbye Apple
  • Goldman Sachs may be trying to get out of its Apple Card deal

    karmadave said:
    netrox said:
    Why is it bleeding? 
    Probably because banks make money on credit cards by charging late fees and high interest on customers who carry large balances and make the minimum payment. Keep  in mind, that a bank pays a fee to the company who processes the credit card transaction which in this case is Mastercard. Many Apple customers are more financially well-off and pay their entire balance off on-time. Good for Apple because of the incentives customers get on Apple products, but not so good for Goldman Sachs which likely loses money on every transaction.

    I pay my account in full every month and use the 2% to my benefit instead of the banks.

    Thats why 🙂

  • Apple and Google are working together to reduce AirTag & other tracker stalking

    Like I’ve mentioned here many times. Being the victim of actual psychopaths myself I’m glad to see Apple doing something about this. Stalking can and does end up in people losing their lives. Stalkers are usually delusional and cannot stand the fact that this person is out of their control. Psychopaths (Malignant Narcissists) cannot stand this fact and some want to actually destroy the person being stalked because they feel out of control. Stalkers have an external locus of control, which means that when a person leaves them they cannot process that effectively. Instead, they rely on people to control so they can feel in control themselves. I’m glad the industry is finally stepping up to the plate and taking responsibility.