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  • Apple proposes more flexible work schedules amid unionization efforts

    Weekends? If it wasn’t for unions people would have no days off. Just like in China. Unions are the only reason people have any benefits at their jobs to begin with. I’m laughing that Apple is now catering to employees because of the union drive.
  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    Apple has traditionally been a very conservative company. What I mean by that is they have largely shut out outside opinion. This is one of the reasons why their products are so amazing. They make products that work because they understand that devices need to work intuitively and flawlessly. But, they can learn a thing or two from other developers. They only started listening to their customers recently. That’s why you have products now like the Mac studio and the new MBP. I have been following Apple and Apple Insider since 1998? I started using Apple II’s with Cubase to write music in 1988. I’m one of the biggest Apple fans in existence. I use to use Cydia on my iPhone 3GS on upward. It was very stable but at the same time, like what Apple said it wasn’t safe. But, there was so much innovation within Cydia developers that Apple stole quite a lot from it. Many of the control panels we see now didn’t exist before Cydia. It’s pretty much impossible to get Cydia on iPhones these days. And that’s exactly why we haven’t really had many changes or new features on the iPhone in quite a long time.  Apple is one of the best and most innovative companies in the world. They can do whatever they want and I’d be happy.
  • Apple fails bid to shut down refiled Cydia antitrust lawsuit

    Dear Apple:

    If it wasn’t for Cydia most things that make the iPhone easy to navigate wouldn’t exist. Apple really has stifled on software innovation but Cydia gave us the things we always wanted and needed for navigation. I hope Cydia wins because Apple would give us more if what we need to make the iPhone easier to use because of this.
  • Elon Musk temporarily halts Twitter deal over user metrics

    Who cares 😂
  • AltStore allows limited sideloading of iPhone apps Apple doesn't approve

    I used to jailbreak all of my phones until it didn’t matter anymore..,