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  • Apple rolls out minor updates to iWork apps

    Discontinuous text selection is great. But I miss rectangular selection of text too, handy to select columns that are not in tables.
  • How to keep your Mac's data safe using Time Machine

    A factual error: if you restore a file that already exists, you get a chance to keep both. So no need to set the current one aside first. 

    Also some applications (other than the Finder) let you browse previous TM versions directly, without needing to know where the file exists in the Finder. 

    Finally, TM’s default to backup everything, doesn’t include absolutely everything. It excludes some caches etc.
  • The next solar eclipse is on April 8 -- here's how to photograph it

    jetpilot said:
    Pro Tip: Just enjoy the live eclipse experience. You get 3.5 minutes of totality and that’s it. Don’t waste it messing around with an iPhone camera. Any photo you take with non-dedicated equipment isn’t going to look very good. There will be hundreds of high quality professional photos on the internet to look at later. As the article says, if you really want to record something with your phone, record a time lapse video. I did that back in 2017 and the results were pretty neat. Set up a time lapse video on your iPhone, set your phone on a tripod to capture the entire landscape (not the sun) about 30-45 minutes before totality is scheduled to begin, and then forget about your phone until totality is over. Don’t waste the extremely limited time during totality messing with a camera taking what will be lousy photos that won't impress anyone. This is one experience that if you are fortunate enough to be in the path of totality with a clear sky you'll want take it all in undistracted by technology. It will truly take your breath away.
    That Timelapse idea works very well even on a cloudy day. I have a great time-lapse of movements around an airfield during a partial eclipse. It gave more of the mood of the event than when experienced live at the time.
  • The next solar eclipse is on April 8 -- here's how to photograph it

    Great tips and advice, especially about the shadows!
  • How to transfer files when AirDrop isn't working

    You don’t need to be connected to the same WiFi, or indeed any WiFi, to use AirDrop. Yes, it needs to be turned on, but it uses peer-to-peer WiFi transfer after negotiating via Bluetooth (which needs to be on).