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  • Next Apple TV could use A12Z or "A14X" in big Apple Arcade push

    If Apple is making a push into higher-end gaming, you can be sure that they’ve been working with high-end game companies to port their games over to the Apple ecosystem.

    Given that Big Sur will run iOS & iPadOS apps natively on Apple Silicon, you’ll be able to play games on iPhones, iPads, Macs & AppleTV.

    Apple would wait until enough games were ported before launching a new AppleTV.

    Apple Arcade has provided them a test for a gaming service. They could later launch Apple Arcade+ for higher-end games. And they can include it in a higher-end Apple One subscription.

    Rumored Apple AR work would also likely be planned to be adapted for entertainment.

    Apple seems to have been working on many initiatives that could support a successful foray into games.

    Remember, the Wii wasn’t as powerful as its competitors, but did a good business.

    Graphics would likely be good enough on whatever SoC Apple uses for a new AppleTV.

    If it sells for much less than the new XBox & PS, provides Siri & Home integration, maybe comes with a discount for Apple One, etc., a new AppleTV could do quite well.

    Apple could also release a cheap stick device that provides the non-gaming features.
  • Why the Mac's migration to Apple Silicon is bigger than ARM

    How can you expect anyone to take you seriously when you don’t have the slightest clue what you’re talking about?

    Apple designs their own cores. All they license from ARM is the instruction set.

    You know nothing, Apple Insider!
  • App and ride service Uber not 'fit and proper' to operate in London

    jimh2 said:

    Prior to Uber/Lyft I never had a problem getting a cab within a minute or two in NYC
    Then you haven't been in most parts of New York.

    And you haven't been in areas where tons of people are all searching for a cab at the same time.

    Did you only go to tourist areas?

    Ride-sharing services have drastically changed the transportation landscape in NYC for the better.

    (I have no financial interest at all in ride-sharing; I'm just a satisfied rider)