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  • Google struggling to meet consumer demand for iPhone 7 rival Pixel

    Gotta admit it's pretty sad how much this looks like an iphone
  • Is Apple getting Siri-ous in the face of Amazon's Alexa Echo?

    Out of the 300 people I know who use iPhones i know exactly ZERO who actually use SIRI.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook declines Ireland committee invite, branded as 'snub to Irish people'

    SBB said:
    The Irish Government and Apple are totally of the same viewpoint as are virtually the entire nation - These comments are made by two left wing Politicians who are perpetually on the airways and love the sound of their voices - 
    More than Trump?  Pretty sure that's impossible.
  • Apple's Tim Cook among tech executives meeting with Donald Trump on Wednesday - report

    apple ][ said:
    Don't underestimate the Donald!

    2017 just might be the year that overseas cash can be returned to the USA! And I don't just mean Apple, but for a whole lot of companies.

    Trump is putting into place extremely friendly business measures, such as lower tax rates and less, business killing regulations!

    Yeah just what we need for companies who already pay little to no taxes and make Billions in profits, give them even more tax breaks.  

    We need to be doing the exact opposite of everything this orange clown wants to do.
  • What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate

    2 points:  1st rip on him, 2nd agree with some of it.

    Trumpo the clown has all his own [email protected], from his 'Made in America' hats to the steel he uses for his building made overseas.

    He s a walking hypocrite.

    Hiring this moron to fix our problems is like hiring a drug dealer to stop the drug war.

    He said he would 'drain the swamp' meaning get rid of political insiders and he isn't even in office yet and his entire cabinet is nothing but political insiders.

    You've been had people.  It was another con and you fell for it again.


    In terms of Apple and everyone else getting their stuff made overseas.  I think he has point and I agree we need some jobs back.  I don't think most of these factors jobs will come back because no one here wants for work for $12 a day.  But I do think we need to enforce much greater taxes on theses companies and don't give the the 35% BS which we all know exactly NO ONE actually pays.  Apple, along with everyone else, doesn't need 100 Billion $ sitting in Ireland because they don't want to pay taxes.  Change the laws and make it illegal to park your money overseas, and then use the money for Americans.