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  • 'AirPods Pro 2' may act as hearing aids & have improved charging case

    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Beats said:
    Apple is sneaky. A few years ago they released hearing aids when they partnered with a company(don’t remember the name). They’ve been testing the market for a while. I remember thinking gen 1 AirPods would make good hearing aids. 
    Apple is not sneaky, technology is sneaky it’s forever changing. Apple simply adapts to changing technologies.

    Nah Apple is sneaky. Which is why iPhone mock-ups were way off before the invention was revealed. Which is why people got the Apple Watch design wrong and why Apple is already in the hearing aid market and no one in this thread has noticed.

  • RCS is still half-baked, and Apple has no reason to adopt it

    Apple isn’t sitting around watching in the audience. I bet they’re working on something great.
  • iPhone dominates premium smartphone market with 62% of sales in Q1 2022

    “Premium” android phones are snake oil. Can’t believe people fall for their crap. Talk about sheep. 
  • Apple sold five of the top ten smartphones in April 2022

    M68000 said:
    Beats said:
    I wonder why iPhone SE isn’t #5? Why isn’t “mini” on the list?

    The mini is gigantic. If Apple made the “mini” the size of the SE screen that would be nice. Not sure why it has to be so freaking huge. 
    I disagree,  the mini is not gigantic.  It’s actually a great size.   As far as I know there was little or no marketing of the mini phone.   All the reports say sales were low.  But that does not mean it is bad phone.   I did not have the iPhone X. But thinking back,  it’s 5.8 inch screen size may have been the ideal size for a phone.  The mini is just a bit smaller and that smaller size allows for easy one hand use.   But many consumers may not think of such things as ease of holding it.  
    As someone with large hands I think the mini and SE are hard to use. Neither don’t fit in my gyms exercise equipment phone holders. That should tell you how bad the industry has gotten.

    I held onto the 5S as long as possible and that was truly a one-handed device.

    The mini should be the size of the SE’s screen at least. That would differentiate it enough. As of now, it’s just not worth it.
  • Google uses Drake's 'Texts Go Green' track to troll Apple

    docbburk said:
    Google is such a joke! Let's poke fun at the competitor for having had superior product for a long time, and try to get congress to force them to use our crap!  Trolls gonna troll
    RCS is not Google's "crap" RCS is a s standard developed by the 3GPP and the OMA. The first specification for the standard was released by them in 2008 as the next generation of text messaging service as a replacement for SMS and MMS. It was developed the same way they developed the standard for 3G and 4G. Educate yourself. But you won't and you are too much of a coward to respond.

    It’s not that serious haha. But I don’t trust anything Google pushes. If Google can’t get their hands in your data, Google doesn’t care.

    At this point I doubt Google is twiddling their thumbs and confused about how to improve iMessages beyond RCS.