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  • Apple kept iMessage off Android to lock users in to iOS

    This reminds me of when people argue and they bring irrelevant points into the conversation.
    ”You never paid me back my $20.... oh and your diet is horrible!!”

    I always thought Apple should charge $1 a month for iMessage and FaceTime on android. 

    And this logic that Apple has to lend a helping hand to knockoffs who already stole software and hardware from Apple is ridiculous. I don’t know why @"avon b7" wants iKnockoffs to be EVEN MORE similar. How much more similar should knockoff iPhones be? At that point “customer choice” is an illusion. It’s already an illusion on Android when 99% of the device are identical across the board. I hate that people scream “anti-competitive!” When a company invents or develops projects but doesn’t share them.

    What next? Nintendo expected to port their library of games to Xbox? Walmart expected to build stores for the competition? Porn allowed on YouTube? Netflix produced shows on Hulu?

    because “anti-competitive!!”
  • Facebook guidelines explicitly allow calls for death of public figures

    Facebook is like Twitter. They are more lenient to certain beliefs. These include gender and politics. 
  • Nintendo, Niantic announce new AR 'Pikmin' mobile game, coming later in 2021

    The original Pikmin is one of the greatest games ever made. Created by the same man who made Mario(Shigeru Miyamoto who also appeared at an Apple keynote) it’s a fun strategy game with a great story and a crazy plot twist at the end!!
  • Apple considering premium podcast service to compete with Amazon, Spotify

    Apple had how much time? Like 15 years to work on Podcasts. Now their own creation is leaving their hands after they had a monopoly for a decade.
  • 2021 Apple Silicon 14-inch, 16-inch MacBook Pro release expected to boost market share

    cloudguy said:
    Losing 7% of their business, the vast majority of which will be Core i3 and Core i5 used in MacBook Air and entry level Mac Mini and MacBook Pro devices, won't "put pressure on Intel." 

    Look, this article states that 90-100 million fewer PCs were sold in 2019 than in 2012 because of the rise of Android and iOS. And Intel is still fine. Why is this? Because the 200-250 million PCs that still sell a year is a huge number. And Intel makes most of their money on workstation and server chips anyway ...  the Core i9 and Xeon chips. (Apple sells less than 1 million Mac Pro workstations a year, and about that many iMacs with the Core i9. The vast majority of their sales are Mac Mini, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices that use dual Core i3 and dual Core i5 CPUs.)

    Please stop it with the idea that losing Apple's business will cripple Intel. It won't. Intel was fine before Apple adopted them in 2004 in the first place and will continue to be thereafter. If anything would pose a threat to Intel, it would be Windows on ARM becoming viable AND not costing 2-3 times as much as Wintel machines do. And it would be (predominantly Linux) data center and cloud servers as well as workstations moving to ARM.

    As far as AMD goes, you are pretending as if the back-and-forth between Intel and AMD is something new, or that AMD is somehow a bigger threat to Intel - and especially to their workstation and server business - than they were before. And that AMD being this growing mortal threat to Intel just happens to coincide with Apple switching to ARM ... what a coincidence right?

    Apple moving to ARM is a great development for Apple users, especially those who also have iPads, iPhones and Apple TVs. But it will have little to no impact on anyone else. Apple fans have been predicting the imminent collapse of Windows, Android and everything else ever since the iPhone took off. Isn't going to happen.

    I don't think you understand the paradigm shift going on here. 7% is GIGANTIC is business terms and that 7% may grow into 8% and 10% and so on.

    The knockoff products from Samsung/Huawei/Lenovo etc. are becoming more and more fragmented as Apple becomes more unified. And yes The iPhone destroyed everything before it and all that remains are knockoffs, some of which are no longer in business. Soon you'll see people with a real iPhone connected to an Apple Watch connected to AirPods Max which can naturally continue onto an Apple Silicon Mac flawlessly. Maybe a game they're playing on their iPad they can continue on their Macbook. Things are only gonna get better as Apple controls the most advanced consumer chips in the world! Imagine what's coming next. Glasses? New inventions like the foldable product they've been working on for years? Car? etc. etc.

    Compare that to someone who has a knockoff iPhone from Samsung running Android, Bose headphones, knockoff Apple Watch from Fitbit and doing work on a MateBook Pro running Windows and finally a knockoff iPad from Amazon running Amazon's OS using Alexa. That's BEST CASE scenario.

    "Android and everything else ever since the iPhone took off. "

    What a stupid end to a sentence since Android took off as iPhone took off. That was the sole reason for it's existence was to be an Apple knockoff that collects data.