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  • Apple details user privacy, security features built into its CSAM scanning system

    Shame on Apple. They are not the police!!
  • Epic Games CEO says Apple suit is about 'basic freedoms,' calls Apple a middleman

    Just keep your game off the App Store buddy. Then you can sleep at night without worrying about the monster named Apple.
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  • Apple debuts new MacBook Air with Apple Silicon M1 chip

    That ENDING to the event was hilarious!!

    Underwhelmed overall. These are old Macs with new chips. Was hoping to see new designs, FaceID and an all new App Store.

    elijahg said:
    docno42 said:
    elijahg said:
    I notice the price is the same as before, so rather than dropping the price due to cheaper CPU and increasing accessibility for people, they're just absorbing the extra profit. Great, that's the Cook Way. ߙ䦬t;/div>
    You aren’t buying a collection of parts, your buying functionality.

    If you don’t think the value proposition works for you, don’t buy it.  Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t raise the price - this little thing called inflation means they are already grossing less just from that alone.  

    If you want cheap crap there are plenty of other vendors to choose from out there.  Have at it.   I have no problem paying more for a better experience.
    Yes, all these added bells and whistles are nice, looking better on webcam etc, faster ML, but those things are super niche. Better battery is great, but having 10 hours vs 20 isn't essential. When's the last time you worried about how you look on webcam, or how fast ML is? It's actually less functionality for me at least, as it can't run Windows which I use for parts of my job - And so does Apple. Amusingly, the Mac Pros are running Modelsim, which is a logic analyser. And it's Windows only. I used Windows on my Mac regularly at uni, if I couldn't, I would have got a PC laptop. Same for several of my friends at uni.

    Funny how battery life is what everyone bit*hes about but when Apple fixes it, suddenly no one cares.

    elijahg said:
    I notice the price is the same as before, so rather than dropping the price due to cheaper CPU and increasing accessibility for people, they're just absorbing the extra profit. Great, that's the Cook Way. 🙄

    Can you break down component pricing, manufacturing costs and shipping since you seem to have all the data? Thanks.
  • Head EU antitrust regulator wants Apple to allow alternate app stores

    Wants are nice. I want Apple to acquire Yelp. But this woman can F off and let Apple run Apple like Apple wants.
  • Apple Arcade has shifted to focus on games with higher 'engagement'

    Let's stop beating around the bush. THE GAMES SUCK.

    If Arcade cannot compete with traditional consoles or offer decent FPS games or games with loyal online bases like Fortnight or Halo, then really what's the point?

    Apple TV needs the latest chipset and big games like Tomb Raider or an exclusive GTA. Apple needs to stop playing. Either buy a big studio like Capcom or have an in-house developer that cranks out AAA games. Otherwise people will get bored with their bite-sized 2D crap and puzzlers.

    Apple IS NOT putting the same effort into Arcade that they did with iTunes, iPhone, iPad, Apple Card, Apple Music or even Apple TV+.
  • Apple Music is the second most used music streaming service globally, Spotify remains in t...

    This number is sad for Apple. They could have had the entire market. I’m still confused why Jimmy left. He was doing an amazing job. He has a relationship with the biggest artists and had the drive. I really thought Apple Records was coming with him on board and many people thought Apple Music would be the App Store for musicians.
  • Google follows Apple's lead, boots Fortnite from Play Store [u: sued]

    anome said:
    This is interesting. I suspect Google, and now Samsung, are looking at the Apple situation as a test case. They're wondering if Epic is successful here, will they go after them next?

    But why should they? They allow side-loading, don't they? Do they also block in-app purchases that don't go through Google Play or whatever Samsung's store is called?

    Can we sue Epic for not allowing me to buy my Fortnite in-app items from Rockstar or someone? Do they have a monopoly on purchases made in Fortnite?

    Epic has a store too. We should sue them for being "anti-consumer" and not allowing 3rd party games to sell there for free.
  • Epic sues Apple after Fortnite removed from App Store

    Just a jump on the “i want my way” or else bandwagon. 

    Rules exist for a reason. Chaos is prevented, business is made, and products are better. 

    With the recent whiners who want to pretend that Apple doesn’t deserve their storefront and hosting / delivery fees, even the guys who really should know better are jumping in. Shameful. 

    Reminds me of all the “we don’t need law enforcement” stuff going on. 

    Yes. We do. Get back in line and stop stealing. 

    Those people mean "We don't need cops getting paid to kill people" which is actually happening. Easy to criticize from the comfort of Mr. Roger's Neighborhood.
  • Internal Apple memo addresses public concern over new child protection features

    Some of this sounds like PR BS. I don’t see how this helps children like Tim claims.  And Apple collaborating with the government is embarrassing.
  • Apple Arcade is well positioned to take a slice of booming gaming market, analyst says

    Beats said:
    Quibi  also had a “sticky” subscription model.

    If the content sucks, no one cares. 

    Change the headline to “APPLE is positioned to dominate the gaming market, but won’t”
    You also think Apple makes most of it's money from gaming...... so not exactly the best informed source on the subject. 

    No. Apple makes most of its money from iPhone hardware. They make most of App Store money from gaming.

    Because I know more people with bad reading comprehension will continue to reply:

    I used the word “dominate” because Apple still has platforms they have barely set foot in like Mac, consoles and 1st party IPs. Apple Arcade is a joke compared to Nintendo, Microsoft etc.

    When I say “Apple”, I literally mean Apple. Not EA, not Rovio, not Zynga.

    Game Center has been garbage for over a year and Apple has ONE game on the App Store that no one even knows about.