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  • Expedia chairman attacks Apple's 'disgusting' 30% commission fee

    I also find Expedia fees for everything over priced as well
  • Epic vs Apple continues and Lossless launches -- This Week in Apple

     I don’t think Epic has a point at all, period. They are the greedy ones trying to worry about how apple runs their intellectual property and how much profit apple has. Does Apple worry about how Epic went from a 10 million dollar company to 27 billion in 10 years due largely to the Apple App Store? Tsk about back stabbers!

    at best Epic is being greedy, at worst, they are working for the Chinese communists trying to hurt America by hurting  Apple 
  • Judge in Epic v. Apple trial presses Tim Cook on App Store model, competition

    The hole I see that may cost Apple this car is that free apps are serviced for nothing. That kind of negates Apple’s contention it needs to get a cut to support the work it does. I don’t agree with this, but Apple’s is arguing as if they have to justify their fees. They shouldn’t have to at all. 
    Not true the developers sign agreement that if they eventually charge for the app or in app purchases ,Apple will get the 30%,  in a way Apple is making an investment on new developers fronting them to the service hoping they eventually are able to be successful and monetize, and that every investment it works out.

    That is how Apple helped Epic become a billion dollar company. Now Epic stabs them in the back

    there will be karma for Epic, you watch . Sleeze
    companies like this will not end well.

  • Apple VP calls Apple TV 4K an 'outsized value,' doesn't want to aim for a price point

    He is right. I didn’t think I need Apple TV box until I started using it 2 years ago. Now I watch everything through it. I also added a Dolby Atmos sound bar which Apple TV 4K supports and I literally have a Home Theatre without a million wires and speakers all over the ceiling 
  • Spotify, Tile, Tinder App Store complaints are solely business grievances, Apple says

    Disgusting losers, oh we don’t make enough money, so instead of trying to make its own products better like Apple. Let’s sue the place who gets our products to a billion people, and somebody who made Epic from a struggling company to 30 billion in just 9 years!