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  • Apple, Epic Games experts debate whether iOS gamers switch to other platforms

    Epic and Tim Weenie are not only owned by Chinese communist but everything they are asking for is what you would find in a communist regime 

    “Share everything”, “Apple makes  Too much profit”,

    is nobody seeing this? 
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  • Epic Games witnesses criticize App Store anti-steering provisions

    genovelle said:
    Said of the company that launched this legal endeavour with a PR and marketing blitz. 
    RIGHT!!! Why not use that money and effort to advertise your options. Why should Apple basically promote competitors on their platform. Is Verizon required to advertise AT&T. Will Epic be advertising Apple Arcade. Heck will they tell them there is a simpler way to signup in the App if they are on their website ready to pay? Um 😟 No.
    There is one place you would equally promote your competitor, Communism…
  • Epic Games witnesses criticize App Store anti-steering provisions

    who benefits the most if Apple goes down besides Epic?

  • Epic's Tim Sweeney said he would have taken special deal with Apple

    Apple may win this round, but it feels like Apple should try to get in front of antitrust issues before it is too late.

    The bi-partisan coalition of senators on the antitrust committee think the approximately 80% profit margins on AppStore fees is evidence of rent seeking and want to regulate the store. With the Biden administration also onboard, it feels like it is just a matter of time. The fact that Apple provides services seems to be a major reason regulators do not want to treat them like a game store.

    Other parties are preparing their own antitrust trials in both the US and the EU that I think may have stronger cases. I’m not pro-regulation, so I would really like to see Apple get in front of this on their own terms. If they fail to, I hope the least blunt instrument as possible is used to regulate the store.
    Every communist and socialist  around world and in US is trying to get at Apples success. 
  • Apple has third of gaming market's transactions in total, 7% of 'Fortnite' revenue

    tmay said:
    crowley said:
    Again, I been pointing out Epic is largely owned by Chinas Tencent Media
    Really?  I hadn't noticed.  Maybe you should point it out a few dozen more times.
    Sorry but that is the whole key to this case. All this security or Gaming market stuff is just smoke screen.

    look at what China is trying to do to Tesla using “Weibo”(Also a company controlled by China) by planting people who is claiming Tesla
    brakes don’t work and trying to rile up the people.

    The Chinese communists are very calculating people, they smile at you but then stab you, they are essentially using our courts now trying to hurt American company for the benefit of Huawei and others
    As much as I agree with you on China, the sad truth is that Tesla isn't known, at all, in the Industry for build quality, so I doubt that these brake issues were anything but the fault of Tesla. 
    The brake issue is a smear campaign, nothing more, the person who had the “brake  issue” was leading rallies like Trump, then they found out she used to worked for state media ….. maybe it was coincidence