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  • Apple has third of gaming market's transactions in total, 7% of 'Fortnite' revenue

    Again, I been pointing out Epic is largely owned by Chinas Tencent Media, which for people who spent time in Hong Kong And China like me, know that company is essentially controlled by Chinese communists.

    Nobody  find it odd that now Epic, largely Chinese owned is trying to hit Americas largest company Apple?

  • Apple, Epic Games experts debate whether iOS gamers switch to other platforms

    Epic and Tim Weenie are not only owned by Chinese communist but everything they are asking for is what you would find in a communist regime 

    “Share everything”, “Apple makes  Too much profit”,

    is nobody seeing this? 
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  • Apple has third of gaming market's transactions in total, 7% of 'Fortnite' revenue

    sflocal said:
    crowley said:
    Again, I been pointing out Epic is largely owned by Chinas Tencent Media
    Really?  I hadn't noticed.  Maybe you should point it out a few dozen more times.
    Sorry but that is the whole key to this case. All this security or Gaming market stuff is just smoke screen.

    look at what China is trying to do to Tesla using “Weibo”(Also a company controlled by China) by planting people who is claiming Tesla
    brakes don’t work and trying to rile up the people.

    The Chinese communists are very calculating people, they smile at you but then stab you, they are essentially using our courts now trying to hurt American company for the benefit of Huawei and others
    Sweeney remains the majority shareholder.  Tencent owns 48.4% of Epic.

    As much as I can't stand Sweeney, I doubt he is bending-over and grabbing his ankles for China.  This is Sweeney having a personal beef with Apple and much less - if any - about China trying to ruffle Apple's feathers.
    If an entity owns 49 percent of your company, even not majority, trust me, your fortunes are tied to that entity . Don’t be naive 
  • Expedia chairman attacks Apple's 'disgusting' 30% commission fee

    I also find Expedia fees for everything over priced as well
  • Apple acquired malware detection firm SourceDNA in 2016

    genovelle said:
    I’m trying to understand what this has to do with Epic and why they are releasing Apple Private data publicly. 
    Because Epic is a disgusting company ran by people who are largely owned by Chinese communists.

    above is fact , google it
  • Epic Games witnesses criticize App Store anti-steering provisions

    I think Apple shouldn't be able to block developers from telling users within the app what the rules are, but I agree that there are alternative sources of that information and it's a fine line between explaining the rules and encouraging people to bypass them. Overall it seems like Apple has a winning position in this suit.
    When you shop at Walmart for an oven, do they have a sign telling you the same over is $10 cheaper at Costco? Have people lost their minds and common sense?
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  • Apple TV+ had an estimated 40M subscribers at the end of 2020

    If you like Original programming and shows, and refined high quality production , Apple
    TV + is for you. But if you like watching Ironman 10 times or other Marvel stuff 40 times , choose Disney or you like cheaply made shows but a thousand of them, choose Netflix

    i don’t have much time so I prefer Apple TV plus

    i been watching “Tiny World” nothing like it any where
  • Judge in Epic v. Apple trial presses Tim Cook on App Store model, competition

    The hole I see that may cost Apple this car is that free apps are serviced for nothing. That kind of negates Apple’s contention it needs to get a cut to support the work it does. I don’t agree with this, but Apple’s is arguing as if they have to justify their fees. They shouldn’t have to at all. 
    Not true the developers sign agreement that if they eventually charge for the app or in app purchases ,Apple will get the 30%,  in a way Apple is making an investment on new developers fronting them to the service hoping they eventually are able to be successful and monetize, and that every investment it works out.

    That is how Apple helped Epic become a billion dollar company. Now Epic stabs them in the back

    there will be karma for Epic, you watch . Sleeze
    companies like this will not end well.

  • Apple VP calls Apple TV 4K an 'outsized value,' doesn't want to aim for a price point

    He is right. I didn’t think I need Apple TV box until I started using it 2 years ago. Now I watch everything through it. I also added a Dolby Atmos sound bar which Apple TV 4K supports and I literally have a Home Theatre without a million wires and speakers all over the ceiling 
  • Epic vs Apple continues and Lossless launches -- This Week in Apple

     I don’t think Epic has a point at all, period. They are the greedy ones trying to worry about how apple runs their intellectual property and how much profit apple has. Does Apple worry about how Epic went from a 10 million dollar company to 27 billion in 10 years due largely to the Apple App Store? Tsk about back stabbers!

    at best Epic is being greedy, at worst, they are working for the Chinese communists trying to hurt America by hurting  Apple