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  • Apple employees disgruntled over return to working in offices

    lkrupp said:
    Survey says over half of Apple’s employees leaving over this? Absolute bullshit. One commenter had only been working there three weeks? Gimme a break. Then comes the money shot. The survey predicted everyone would leave after 4/15 when their stock options vested. Didn’t happen.

    Steve Jobs was famous for saying he only wanted A listers working for him, not B and C listers. Well, these buffoons are definitely not A types are they. The B and C types are a dime a dozen and can easily be replaced. They do the paperwork, data entry, run the copy machines, they do not work with Johny Srouji do they.

    Apple has gotten so big they have been forced to hire entitled millennials who want six figure salaries without producing anything.

    Yet another clickbait survey trying to smear large companies. 
    Imagine simping  for large companies you don't work for.
  • Apple extends share buybacks by $90B, raises dividends by 5%

    flydog said:
    You are wrong. Apple began paying dividends in 1988, and has repurchased stock on and off over the years, though both accelerated under Tim Cook. 
    Steve Jobs was no longer at Apple in 1988.  He left in 1985.
  • Tesla design chief takes shot at Apple, claims there's 'nothing to look forward to'

    tyler82 said:
    Xed said:
    This from a company that has been filing the Model S design for a decade?
    Don’t be so unfair. They also copied the Lotus design. 
    That is an unfair comment considering the Model S is not copied from the Lotus design, you must be thinking of the first-generation Roadster.
  • Apple's Self Service Repair unlikely to impact iPhone upgrade cycle, study finds

    lkrupp said:
    And the post before mine is hilarious in thinking Apple will start selling parts for 5 and 6 year old devices.

    Why is that hilarious to you? There are lot of poorer nations where a five and six-year-old device is what they can afford, especially in Africa and South Asia. You take the used iPhones in North America, Europe, South Korea, and Japan and you refurbish them and then sell them in Africa and South Asia.
  • White House shot down Intel plans to increase chip production in China

    You added the word sales to my insignificant sentence. What I meant is profit.  

    I didn't add any words, what I quoted is what you said. You said sales. You said it is insignificant when compared to the sales of Shanghai and that is just not true. Now you are moving the goal post and saying profit. Well, the Tesla Model S and Model X are their highest profit margin vehicles and those are entirely done at the Fremont plant and they basically sell the same number of vehicles but the Fremont has the highest profit margin vehicles. See where this is going? Fremont makes more profit than Shanghai. Just take the L.