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  • Apple loses lead Apple Silicon designer Jeff Wilcox to Intel

    Jeff's work at Apple is probably mostly done for the next 20 years.  Apple probably has designs up to M5 at 1 nanometer already.  Intel is an American icon at risk of peril at this time.  Since Jeff left Intel to go to Apple, I see nothing wrong with going back to Intel.  I wish them the best.  I wonder what kind of deal Intel made with TSMC if any?
    Intel is not "in peril" in any sense. Quite the contrary, Intel is #1 by a mile. AMD is #2 even if only because being forced to share TSMC with Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek and Nvidia means that they can't come close to matching Intel's volume. (AMD is FINALLY shifting manufacture of their low end chips to Samsung later this year.) Apple is a distant #3. ARM CPU makers like Qualcomm, MediaTek and Samsung are going to be held back by the limitations of Windows on ARM (though there is some potential with Chrome OS ARM, which works a lot better). Indeed, now that Intel is re-entering the discrete GPU market, they are going to sell more chips in 2022 without Apple than they ever did with them.

    Intel's deal with TSMC is only short-term: 2022-2024. In 2025, Intel will start producing chips on their 5nm process and will no longer need TSMC to compete with AMD. (Despite what Apple fans believe, Intel's competition is AMD, not Apple.) Yes, the primary benefit of Intel buying capacity from TSMC is that it will further exacerbate AMD's supply problems. Which leaves poor AMD between a rock and a hard place: capacity problems at TSMC and yield problems at the only viable alternative Samsung.

    The "Intel is in trouble" crowd is populated entirely by people who only use Macs (or they use Windows because professional obligations force them to and they hate every second of it). However, this seems to describe like 95% of the people who work for the tech and mainstream media.