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  • Bernie Sanders says government should examine Apple, Google, Facebook breakup

    nht said:
    The only way the Dems can make me vote for Trump is this.
    Go ahead, it won't hurt.  You might even feel refreshingly rebellious.

  • Lisa Brennan-Jobs details life with Steve In interview promoting memoir

    sumergo said:
    eightzero said:
    sumergo said:
    Well Lisa Brennan-Jobs:  Please give all the money you inherited from your despised Father to Bill Gates and his foundations.

    You seem to need some therapy about your self-regard, but what you really need to do is stop whining - there are people who would love to have your "problems".

    Easy. I think the world is a very different place when you're a teenager, or younger. I wouldn't wish those problems on kids under any circumstances. 

    I guessing writing this book was perhaps cathartic for someone coming to grips with their now fame and perhaps lonely past. I've only met one uber-wealthy person, and he is quite kind and normal. I have met lots of people that had asshole parents, and many of them are, well... not. It might be worth a read, as it is hard for me to relate to uber-richness. 
    Understood.  But in our current western victim culture, we actually really do need to stand up and not be so pathetically needy.  Where's the gut and spine of the Americans of yesteryear?
    Not much of that anymore.  For the most part, we have digressed into a bunch of whining pussies who want to blame everyone else for our ills.  We promote the least of us as being equal to the best of us.  And each as deserving as those who have worked for what they have and lived or are living a productive life.

    A participation trophy for all.

    It does suck to be rejected or ignored by parents, but that should not be a crutch for the remainder of ones life.  Certainly not an impetus to write a book...
    tallest skil
  • Cupertino council pushes vote on employee tax for Apple, other firms until 2020

    macxpress said:
    They should probably just permanently shelve it and stop running the city on a credit card and expect area businesses to bail them out. Hows that for an idea? 
    I don't know about their tax base and structure, but I would bet it is HUGE.  Having been there, I certainly didn't see any pressing "infrastructure" problems.  A hell of a lot of Apples employees are bussed in from around the area - as are many of the tech firms in the Bay area, so the strain on roads is a lot less than many other metro areas.  I bet there is plenty of local money coming from sales tax on food and groceries those employees consume and Cupertino probably has a stiff occupancy tax on hotels, motels and the like, plus a local option tax on gas if California allows it.

    I agree, make it work on the money generated or scale back spending.

    I bet the jobless rate in Cupertino is .0001% thanks to the 3,500 business with over 99 employees (if the article is correctly written)  That number is staggering for a town of its size.
  • Apple announcement of North Carolina campus 'imminent,' report says

    buzdots said:
    ...or just completely unschooled in economics
    To be fair, that’s every US high school graduate, since I don’t know of a school that actually teaches our economic system.
    Maybe so any more.  Guess I'm getting to old.  When I went to high school we knew the "system" from the ground up.
    Now I guess the big hurdle is cursive writing...
    tallest skil
  • Apple announcement of North Carolina campus 'imminent,' report says

    frankie said:
    Time to leave California. Keep the Apple Park facility, but legally locate the headquarters out of state.
    That would be so awesome to bring all these smart people to NC and turn the state blue.  It's already heading that way.
    North Carolina won't be blue in your life time.
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