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  • Apple Stores reportedly stall growth at top US shopping malls

    Apple subsequently used its proven ability to draw in customers to negotiate favorable lease rates for flagship properties and mall outlets. Pure sales are not the only benefit of having an in-mall Apple Store, as the outlets have become destination stores for many shoppers, generating sizable increases in foot traffic.

    I would say old Sandeep should thank his lucky stars that Apple has chosen to grace 47 of his malls with their presence.
    Having visited dozens of malls, in multiple states, I now judge the quality of any particular mall by whether they are able to attract Apple retail.

    I have yet to see a venue where Apples market research and demographics has failed.
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  • Apple Mac shipments slide 13% in Q3 amid PC market slowdown

    Or perhaps people are simply waiting for the hardware to be refreshed.
    Exactly, I have the check made out waiting on specs.
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  • FBI reportedly inflated statistics on encrypted cellphone threat

    The FBI fabricating something to get what what they want?   You got to be kiddin' me - tell me this is a dream!  /s
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  • Class-action suit demands Apple add lock-out system to iPhone to prevent texting while dri...

    wood1208 said:
    Personal responsibility.
    What the hell is that? We haven't used those words in 40 friggin years. How dare you resurrect such a bizarre and outdated concept! /s
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  • Apple may need to fight Amazon for land to build Northern Virginia campus

    A 2013 Forbes report listed Raleigh as the number 2 city in the country creating tech jobs - behind Austin, TX. - Not including the Bay Area. The same report in 2017 listed Charlotte as number 2 behind the Bay Area with Raleigh coming in at number 6. DC comes in at number 38.
  • San Bernardino shooter's iPhone may hold evidence of 'dormant cyber pathogen,' DA says

    Everybody knows the abbreviation for District Attorney,
  • Florida police attempt to use dead man's finger to unlock his smartphone

    Back on topic... Cops probably didn't guess that 'ol Linus was left handed.
  • Apple announcement of North Carolina campus 'imminent,' report says

    frankie said:
    Time to leave California. Keep the Apple Park facility, but legally locate the headquarters out of state.
    That would be so awesome to bring all these smart people to NC and turn the state blue.  It's already heading that way.
    North Carolina won't be blue in your life time.
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  • Lisa Brennan-Jobs details life with Steve In interview promoting memoir

    sumergo said:
    eightzero said:
    sumergo said:
    Well Lisa Brennan-Jobs:  Please give all the money you inherited from your despised Father to Bill Gates and his foundations.

    You seem to need some therapy about your self-regard, but what you really need to do is stop whining - there are people who would love to have your "problems".

    Easy. I think the world is a very different place when you're a teenager, or younger. I wouldn't wish those problems on kids under any circumstances. 

    I guessing writing this book was perhaps cathartic for someone coming to grips with their now fame and perhaps lonely past. I've only met one uber-wealthy person, and he is quite kind and normal. I have met lots of people that had asshole parents, and many of them are, well... not. It might be worth a read, as it is hard for me to relate to uber-richness. 
    Understood.  But in our current western victim culture, we actually really do need to stand up and not be so pathetically needy.  Where's the gut and spine of the Americans of yesteryear?
    Not much of that anymore.  For the most part, we have digressed into a bunch of whining pussies who want to blame everyone else for our ills.  We promote the least of us as being equal to the best of us.  And each as deserving as those who have worked for what they have and lived or are living a productive life.

    A participation trophy for all.

    It does suck to be rejected or ignored by parents, but that should not be a crutch for the remainder of ones life.  Certainly not an impetus to write a book...
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  • Alphabet, Fiat Chrysler working toward self-driving car tie-up - report

    sog35 said:
    I'm calling for the immediate resignation of Tim Cook.

    Apple should have clearly presented some information about the AppleCar this week to calm fears about Apple's revenue drop.  But we heard nothing.

    Tim Cook needs to resign, go back to being the COO, or leave Apple. He is not the right CEO for this time in Apple's history.


    5. Be a visionary.  Sorry Cook just isn't one. Never has been. Never will be.
    I have to agree that something needs to happen.  We have seen these bounces in stock come and go over the years, and I feel confidant that Apple as a corporation is not near the edge - but based on where we have been in the last 4 years, it won't take another four...

    Cook needs to get past his obvious full-on social agenda or take it some where else.  Social agendas work both ways - just ask North Carolina.

    When products lag - and the rumor mill isn't even running, shareholders are taking a hit - after buy-backs to prop up the price and an obvious flattening out of products - both software and hardware, it is time to make the hard decisions.  And don't give me the Apple Car thing - unless it hovers!

    Problem is... where the hell is the next person that can take the most innovative ship in the world and get it back on course?
    I would hope it would be inside Apple, but I don't see it.

    Two cheers for Tim standing up to the FBI... end of the story.  Next.