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  • The best third-party widgets for your iOS 16 Lock Screen

    eightzero said:
    Just need a widget to put the iPhone charge percentage back on my lock screen, thanks.

    They brought this back tho! Just go back to Settings >> Battery and turn on Battery Percentage
  • Amazon & Google mend fences, bring YouTube back to Fire TV streamers

    I'm likely an idiot, but I can't figure out why anyone would buy a special purpose device like a game device or a TV streaming device when a general purpose device like a real computer can do pretty much everything a special purpose device can do. Extra devices mean more hardware to support, more software licenses to purchase and maintain, more wires to plug in, more electricity to use, more companies to submit my email address to, and just more grief that I don't want. Even worse, my ISPs contact me (like they did today) to try to get me to *rent* boxes to watch programs on. Rent! And those boxes remove my ability to modify the recorded programs later, just for example, maybe I want to make a GIF or JPG of my favourite TV actor to be my Avatar for some website. I can't do it with their hardware. People want to take my money on a monthly basis to remove my ability to do what I can already do with my general purpose computer.
    So question... can you get a PC for under $100 that isn't a royal POS? I would say no. I can get 5 Roku Ultra's for the price of a decent PC and then I would also argue that these streaming devices use less power and require far less maintenance than a PC.
  • AT&T to throttle streaming video quality by default in 2017

    eriamjh said:
    Politics aside, I only see this as a desperate attempt to reduce investment into an overwhelmed infrastructure and data network while continuing to command the highest possible prices.  

    Faster service?  No.  Better video?  No.  More data?  NO!

    Shouldn't things be getting better, stronger, faster, and cheaper?
    Exactly. Between DirecTV and Time Warner (if it goes through) they will have spent $130 BILLION in pointless acquisitions. Imagine if they had spent a quarter of that money actually building the best network in this country? Consumers would flock to this network if they actually offered reasonably priced plans and showed they gave a shit about their customers. Instead, current customers are forced to pay the price for these mistakes (not to mention the failed bid to buy T-Mobile which basically funded their growth) in their monthy bills. 

    As a former AT&T employee myself, it's really not surprising. The leader at the top is so full of himself, he believes he can do no wrong. 
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