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  • Editorial: Apple faces entirely new challenges with Apple TV+

    "Apple will sell precisely zero extra devices, there is no value to Apple or their customer."

    Wrong, Sir. I am buying an ATV4K just because of the free year.
  • Tim Cook acquires $115M in vested Apple stock

    Even if it represents .01% of his wealth, how many of you guys donated .01% of yours? Hypocrite, much ?
  • Apple quietly bought $17B more after record high $24B Q2 stock repurchase [u]

    avon b7 said:
    avon b7 said:

    As for leading the tech industry. I disagree.
    Well invest all your money in Spotify and Netflix and Samsung and commodity cloud providers and stop posting your genius ideas for free on Internet forums. 

    Clearly you know so much. If only Apple knew what you did. We bow before your great intellect you wise man of incredible logic and foresight. 

    I’m only surprised you didn’t spend more time explaining how much you love Huawei. 
    How about first supporting the comment that led to my post?

    How is Apple already leading the tech industry? That is baloney and I only mentioned the tip of the iceberg!

    Let's be realistic.

    If Apple had had the foresight, it would have snapped up Netflix long ago instead of having to invest billions - for other companies - to provide content and try to establish itself in yet another saturated market!

    Are you implying that Apple wasn't late to streaming? Where was the foresight? Spotify since 2008. Apple Music since 2015. Apple chose a different path originally. Just like with screen size.

    The reality is that even a few short years ago Apple had no idea what it was going to do or where it was headed. It was firmly entrenched in iPhone and trying to leverage services more profitably. It had Apple TV as a hobby, the Mac business and iPad. Then Apple Watch - CE! The tech industry spans far more than CE!

    It hoarded (thanks to iPhone) and that's fine but don't try to make claims that don't even begin to hold water. However much you love Apple.

    When Apple starts producing cutting edge technology from the top right down to the bottom and impacting a far broader swathe of technologies, you might be able to make such claims but right now they are completely out of place. 

    Instead of going on the attack, explain why you feel you can make those affirmations and then we will see how your explanations hold up.
    Sigh... another "genius", probably living in his parent's garage, that knows more than the experts. 
  • BMW says annual $80 CarPlay fee needed for ongoing testing & development

    mazda 3s said:
    It's not often around here that we see this much consensus on a topic! 

    BMW is totally in the wrong here, although people will still keep buying their hideous crossovers and crossover/coupe monstrosities.
    But when it comes to Apple doing the same thing (charge for Fast charger or USB to 3.5mm headphone jack adapter), the exact same people will say Apple is RIGHT. Hypocrisy at its best.
    No, Apple doesn't change a SUBSCRIPTION fee for a charger or adapter. That tiny little "hook" in your wallet is what is galling to most everybody. I won't buy a BMW because of it. 
  • Hands on: The 2019 MacBook Air is a bargain, but SSD speeds fall

    I have a mid 2012 Air that I use as a desktop backup. I upgraded the SSD to 480GB with a kit from OWC. It was unbelievably easy. Unscrew the back case and voila, everything is there. The RAM is a paltry 4GB (really.... the base config, apparently). If it could be upgraded (it can't...soldered in..), it would still be a competitive machine.

    One regular, consumer grade app at a time and it works just fine.

    I think a new Air, with 512SSD and 16GB Ram would be a decent machine.