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  • US lawmakers call for universal charging standard - but not necessarily for USB-C

    My goodness. Standardization is not evil. I have to think long and hard about replacing an electric drill because all the battery packs are proprietary. What nonsense. A common charging standard, just like a common data transmission standard seems a no brainer. Travel a bit and you will find the USA does not have a monopoly on the best way to do everything.
  • Disney World visitor claims $40,000 credit card fraud occurred after losing Apple Watch

    Xed said:
    ITGUYINSD said:
    As I read through the article, almost everything made no sense unless these people are absolutely clueless.  Who doesn't have alerts setup on CC accounts that notify you when charges are made?  Did they use "1111" as the PIN for the watch?  Did they ignore every best practice for keeping your information secure?  When does "theft" become negligence on the victim's part?

    Unlimited credit limit?  Sounds like they have more money than brains.  I know AMEX and most banks are very cautious of unusual activity.  Something is fishy.
    1111 isn't the only common PIN that people use, it wouldn't take long to try a lot of them as I don't think the Watch has a wipe after 10 tries. They do have a 1 minute wait after 5 incorrect attempts, but that means you can through 10 common passcodes in under 1.5 minutes.

    It's also possible that someone saw them put in a PIN on their Watch or iPhone previously. Regardless, the Watch with Wallet is a weak point in security so people need to take more precautions so these things are less likely to happen. (Note that I wrote less likely, not impossible—these things will still happen.)
    Yes, the Apple Watch DOES have an "erase data" after 10 failed login attempts. I just activated mine.  :) I am on version 8.5.1.
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  • Mac mini, iMac, Mac Studio -- Which desktop Mac to buy at any pricepoint

    I am one of the guys that simply does not NEED the new Studio, but I wouldn't mind having one. I have a decent , souped up, 2019 21" iMac that does all I need. But... that price differential between a loaded M1 iMac and the Base Studio is not that significant. If I had a decent monitor, I'd opt for the Studio instead of the iMac, even though it is grotesque overkill for my emailing, web surfing, butt. 

    Those guys lamenting the lack of internal expansion slots seem to really be missing the boat to me. I GUARANTEE you some one (OWC ?) is working on an esthetically complimentary expansion chassis as we speak. One more small "box" connected via Thunderbolt and you have all the hardware you could possibly need. 

    Too bad I can't use my iMac as a SUPPORTED monitor. If I could, I'd order me a Studio just to play with it.
  • Fraud is being ignored on Zelle by its big banking founders

    MicDorsey said:
    mike1 said:
    Wow. Talk about not taking responsibility for your own actions.
    The first example is the worst if you are looking to place blame. The idiot was scammed out of $500. What difference does the form of payment make? Change the transaction type from Zelle to Apple Pay to cashier's check to cash. You'd have the same end result. Problem has nothing to do with Zelle.
    Idiot, huh? The scheme was actually quite elaborate, which you would know if you bothered to research the widely-reported details. But no, it's easier to be smug about it because it didn't happen to you. You're way too smart for that.
    No, the Bottom Line from that comment was that the victim got suckered into making a LEGITIMATE transaction. I don't see Zelle's fault in this either. 
  • Netgear has a new $1,500 Wi-Fi 6e mesh router

    I, too, would like to give a "pat on the back" to DECO. First rate performance, including the ability to "Blacklist" piggybackers, and set the operating lights on a schedule so they don't light up the bedroom at night. Spendid performance all around and easy to set up. DECO W3600 with Satellite.