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  • Why Apple Vision Pro's constant strobing matters to your health

    If this does become a major issue for a good number of people, the technology will have to adapt.  For example, if you want to dim a certain area say 5 x 5 pixels by fifty percent, don't switch off all at the same time 50% of the time.  Instead interleave the cycling on and off at a greater period of time off so that average intensity for that area is lowered by 50% but the effect is spread out across the time frame.  That way the dimming effect is spread out and flashing effect minimized.  It will be more complex to manage that way but would be easier on the eyes.
  • First teardown shows complex insides of Apple Vision Pro

    It is always interesting to see the teardowns but I sometimes cringe that they essentially destroy a brand new piece of equipment to do it.  I would never expect to be able to repair an AVP as we can see how complex the setup is.  

    I think the fans will stay even if the chipset gets smaller and cooler.  Having the device on your face for several hours will get hot by your own body temperature.  So cooling will be essential for that.
  • Phil Schiller warns third-party app stores are a risk to iPhone users

    Unfortunately Apple can't do anything about having to allow 3rd party stores.  I for one won't use them.  
    Apple will have to figure out a way to sandbox those apps so they can't mine data from the phone that they don't generate themselves., like passwords, banking information etc. 
    What I find bizarre is that Microsoft still have a big monopoly in OS software, Video gaming makers have close software stores and the EU doesn't do anything about those.
  • Is Apple's App Store a monopoly or a solution?

    I estimate that >99% of iPhone users do not care about getting apps outside of the App Store.  I also estimate that the majority of those are also happy not to have to worry about apps stealing their data or having to deal with viruses etc.  The rest probably don't even think about it and buy into the system because it is so easy.
    So the question is do we have give the <1% who want an open, whilst the rest of us have to deal with less security and easy of use.
  • Apple sells up to 180,000 Apple Vision Pro, says Kuo

    If Apple really did sell 180K in 18 minutes, that meant the revenue was around 630 million dollars.  That isn't bad for a high end equipment with limited supply.