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  • iMac 24-inch M3 review: A clear sign that Intel Mac support is ending soon

    The form factor for the iMac has bothered me for years now.  The chin on the display is unnecessary and apple should be placing the circuit boards behind the screen.  Essentially all you should see from the front is the screen with the bezel just big enough to house the camera.
    I agree that the iMac is on its last legs.  It has limited utility as an all in one for young kids, schools and maybe kiosks or receptionists.  Any other use is better served by a laptop that you can easily hook up a display to when you want to work at a desk.
    I agree on the pricing for SSD and RAM and the miniimum configuration really needs to be 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. Unfotunately that is where Apple makes free money so i don't see it ending. Personally I just by the model that has the configuration I want.  It generally is cheaper than doing a custom configuration and the delivery is faster.
  • An Apple Watch sales ban may be coming -- Everything you need to know

    Buying them isn't so easy.  TH ecurrent market cap for MASI is 4.3M.  Back in April it was 3 times as much.  Apple won't want to spend that for a measily O2 sensor.  So licensing would be the way to go if the gov't agrees with the ban.
  • Latest 'Scary Fast' leaks double down on M3 iMac and MacBook Pro launches

    if the chips are available then I would say M3 all the way.  if I were in the market for an iMac and saw that M3s were starting to be used, I would probably not buy a M2 version thinking that the M3 may be out in 6 months.  

    But it is interesting that iMac refresh rates are slowing down.  I get the color offerings but that makes it even harder to sell your inventory.  For me, laptops are far more useful and it is easy to attach a monitor or two if you want to work in a desktop mode. I haven't understood why the iMac still has a chin.  Apple in the website talks about how thin the unit is.  Who cares? When you are looking at the screen you don't see the thickness or lack of it.  But you do see the chin.  Why not make the unit just screen at the front and put the circuit board behind the screen.  The website shows a lot of images of people using an iMac for work.  Anyone doing major work will likely want several screens nowadays and again a laptop would be more flexible in its use case.  So iMacs are probably mostly useful for kids, light secretarial activities etc.  So keeping the price down low maybe a good reason for moving to M2 only.

    I firmly believe Apple should start thinking about pushing down on the low end market.  They did this superbly well with the iPods.  Apple started off with the main iPod but then it really took off with the iPod mini (and the PC version of iTunes).  However there was still a lot of customers using cheaper MP3 players until Apple came out with the shuttle that effectively sucked all the profit out of the business.  
    I think there is an opportunity with the M1 chip to release a cheaper notebook solution.  Something in the $500-700 range with basic features.  The price for M1 fabs must be very cheap now and Apple has the opportunity to put pressure on the PC market by getting customers who can't afford a regular Mac to gain entry at a price point that works for them.  
    This isn't about cannibalizing the Mac market but starting to introduce a new user base to the Apple world.  If successful it will reduce the profit margins of other PC makers.

  • Ultimate showdown: New Apple Pencil USB-C vs old Apple Pencils

    This might sound silly but I have never figured out why the pencil isn't allowed to work with an iPhone.  I don't an iPad but I would like the ability to jot stuff down on a phone by writing rather than typing.  
  • Apple FineWoven case review: Not the leather replacement we were hoping for

    longfang said:
    williamh said:
    I saw the finewoven case at the Pentagon City Apple Store on Friday and it seemed not that high quality and overpriced.  I'd prefer the silicone case to finewoven.  

    Honestly asking, what is the environmental issue with the leather case?   The leather cases are reusing the wrapping from my beef, it's not like cows are produced to use for iPhone cases and the meat is an afterthought is it?   Is the process of making the leather and using it worse than just composting the cow hides?  What is it?  I know my tone might seem snarky but seriously isn't there just an enormous amount of cowhide out there?  Wouldn't an iPhone case be better than tossing it?
    The chemicals and water used during the tanning process would probably be a big part of it.
    I agree, leather is a by product of the food industry.  It also is a natural product and ages extremely well.  I've had the Apple leather case for 2 years and it is only now starting to break up at the edges after a lot of abuse.
    I will be looking for a leather case from another provider.  Any suggestions?  I saw someone mention Nomad