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  • Man blames Apple for bitcoin theft by fake app in App Store

    Well, I am victim-blaming here. Situations like this are literally the reason real banks for real currencies have FDIC oversight and mandatory deposit insurance, and why investment banks have SIPC oversight and insurance. This person intentionally opted out of that system. He decided to use unregulated banks, so the consequences of that decision are on him.
    So if this had been a fake app representing itself as the banking application of a regional bank and had defrauded the user that way, it would be Apple’s fault?

    Apple’s scrutiny of the app and its later releases, its failure to validate the publisher against a known entity, and its failure to stop the company using fake reviews to get close to 5 stars all mean Apple isn’t running the safe and secure App Store it claims  to.
  • Compared: Apple Watch Series 6 Graphite versus Apple Watch Series 5 Space Black

    What about durability of the colour? A lot of the value of Space Black was the extremely scratch-resistant diamond-like coating (DLC). Does graphite have DLC too or if not, how durable is it against scratches?

    I still use the black link bracelet from my Series 0 and it looks pretty good scratch-wise.
  • Apple shuts down Epic Games developer account

    johnbear said:
    30% tax on the AppStore. 
    $1000 monitor stand!
    Wait till next year when the gov will step in to control these unscrupulous companies.
    Nobody has to buy the $1,000 stand. There’s plenty of competition. And if the 30% genuinely wasn’t worth it there would be no apps in the store as it wouldn’t be worth developers time writing them for “only” 70% - they would focus their efforts on more open platforms instead.

    Many people buy iPhones over the vast competition because they want something that works the way it does. These customers are the same ones who are willing to pay for apps so even with the 30% cut it’s still makes sense for developers to address that market. 
  • Apple releases macOS Catalina 10.15.5 with new battery health management feature

    Really hope “Fixes a stability issue with uploading and downloading media files from iCloud Photo Library while your Mac is asleep”
    Is a euphemism for fixing the completely fucked sleep/wake mechanism which has made my MacBook Pro appear a total lemon since I bought it. Would have downgraded to Mojave if that was an option. 
  • Lawsuit alleges Apple involved in 'flagrant' music piracy on iTunes

    "The scope and flagrant nature of Defendants' piracy cannot be understated,"

    And I could care less.