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  • iPhone 11 sales continue to cut down Android's market share globally

    Interesting breakdown. It shows that, where the average income is lower, the share of iOS is too, but also climbing. It seems that, at lower price points, the untapped potential is still there. Not that Apple has to profit, but lowering the iPhone 11 price might have helped, especially in markets where the average income is, as said, lower.
  • Tim Cook defends choice to pull Hong Kong police monitoring app from App Store

    I still remember this answer regarding a criticism made because Apple was being too environmental friendly:
     In response, Cook explained that not everything Apple does is motivated by money. "If you want me to do things only for [return on investment] reasons," he explained, "you should get out of this stock." 

    Those were good times. Maybe the strategy of "everything made in China" is backfiring big time, but Apple used to champion something more than mere ROI and, on the environment side still does. But on a political level, the absolute avoidance of any politics, be it in the US as well as abroad, for a global company like Apple won't be sustainable in the long run. 
  • Apple's HomePod lands in Japan on Aug. 23

    The only thing Apple has to work really hard on, and I know it is a gargantuan task, is "multi language support" in Siri in general (and in HomePod in particular).

    When I give a command, on the HomePod in English, to play an italian song (I speak italian so my pronunciation is correct) Siri does whatever it pleases.

    Same on my iPhone when I ask, in italian, Siri to play an english song, it doesn't get it. Only if I pronounce it like an "italian" it gets it.

    And, before you ask, notice that HomePod doesn't have ANY problem with my english, gets everything right most of the time.

    I know it is really hard, because people speak foreign languages with various amounts of "accent" according to how fluent they are. But, at least for proficient multilingual speakers, Siri should get it.

    If I ask Siri on my phone, in italian, to play some Colplay, I shouldn't be forced to pronounce it the italian way (which hurts my ears... and makes me feel really stupid). Hey Siri, suona "Viva la Vida" dei "Coldplay".

    Room for improvement. Admittedly, I think, one of the hardest things to do on voice recognition, but nevertheless important as more and more people speak several languages...

    A, and hey... Still waiting for my AppleTV to activate Siri in Italian also in the italian speaking part of switzerland. It works in italy, we speak THE EXACT SAME LANGUAGE, and yet after all these years, Siri in Italian is still not available in Switzerland on the Apple TV....

  • Apple Park worth $4.17 billion, is one of the world's most expensive buildings

    fred1 said:
    Is there any evidence that Ives had “input” on the design decisions? Did he ever say this himself? Being involved during construction is one thing, but that doesn’t mean he made design decisions. 
    Also, was the ring design really Jobs’s idea? I read once that he had a different shape in mind,  
    Interestingly, Foster & Partners website, under "corporate headquarters" only lists the Steve Jobs Theatre and not the whole Campus as their work reference whereas, in other instances, it lists the whole project.
    Might have something to do with Ive and Jobs input and the "credit" for the design of the building.

    Edit (link):
  • Apple's Mac refresh includes universal drop in SSD upgrade prices

    Just bought an iMac with SSD. Can I get a refund of the price difference (bought a week ago)?
    it’s a serious question. I know you can send it back if a new model comes out in two weeks after purchase. I wonder if it applies also to price reductions.
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