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  • Apple adds new battery tools in macOS Big Sur, kills Network Utility

    macseeker said:
    That's really crappy for Apple to depreciate the Network Utility Tool.  I've used it on a weekly basis.

    Developers here should notify Apple to reinstate the features of the tool.
    If you are a developer this might be a good time to start imagining and designing an alternative to be sold on the App store :wink: 
  • Why the Mac's migration to Apple Silicon is bigger than ARM

    Nice and well written article.

    My wonder is how Apple will manage feature parity. Apple announced Intel models of Mac are in the pipeline, I imagine Mac Pros and some high end configuration of other MacBook Pros for the time being.

    But the question is how will Apple introduce the benefits of Apple Silicon on some models and leave the Intel ones out.
    Imagine a MacBook Pro with Apple Silicon and FaceID, bionic processor, W1 processor and the rest. And the "higher performance model" with Intel CPU and none of the previous features. Because, if Apple adds them on Intel based Macs it will do a ton of work for 24 months only (which is the timeframe it provided for the switch to be complete).

    The same goes for "universal 2" software. Some tasks can only be performed on Apple Silicon based machines, forcing developers to think about workarounds which might or might not be possible.
    Since Apple Silicon, differently than the switch between PowerPC and Intel, is not only about the CPU, some software features might be tied to Apple Silicon leaving the nominally more powerful machines out in the cold.

  • ARM iMac, 13-inch MacBook Pro coming at end of 2020, says Ming-Chi Kuo

    If you want to "force" developers to follow the switch to ARM, then it makes sense to start with the MacBook Pro instead of other machines. Because the MacBook Pro is, probably, the machine people who use the most variegated set of software are using. If Apple starts with the MBAir then the developers of "pro" software won't feel enough pressure to update (recompile) their software right away. Moreover the CPU "must" be more powerful than the one in the Air and therefore would be in a better shape to run some sort of emulator decently.

    Customers buying the MacBook Pro ARM will put enough pressure on Adobe and all the others to update their software. If the "Air" runs it, then major developers will take a "wait and see" approach because of the costs involved in recompiling.

    Moreover many developers themselves use MacBook Pros or iMacs for development, so it helps to make such a machine available (developers should, otherwise, build apps either in an Intel emulation of ARM (which probably Apple would like to avoid) or use the Air to develop software for ARM Macs, which doesn't make sense.

    Targeting the MB Pro devices also allows Apple to create a "mid tier" CPU for their lineup which it can scale upwards or downwards as necessary (as with the A series CPUs which have A"X" and A"Y" versions)
  • Apple's stranglehold on wearables market continued in Q1

    Not the wisest wording for a title, given the moment. Good and unsurprising news though.

    I have seen countless video call interviews in news segments recently and, almost all of them, had some sort of apple product in them, mostly AirPods.
  • Everything new in iOS 13.5 beta 3 - Face ID changes, and Exposure Notification

    Actually, you can train Face ID to work with a module motorcycle helmet when the chin bar is up. I have trained my system to do so provided my face and eyes are visible. You must not have your face in shadow however, nor have dark glasses on as it needs to map your open eyes. I do deliveries so need to open phone if it locks while nav function is needed.
    It works a lot better with polarized sunglasses (provided the setting is not "ALL" to bright.