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  • Apple quietly buying app ads that funnel users to the App Store, developers claim [u]

    I wonder what the App Store developer agreement/contract says about this. I don’t know, but I’ll guess it says Apple can use their apps to promote the App Store. 

    These developers have an easy solution to this problem — just pull their apps from the store. Problem solved! 

    Wait, what? They don’t want to do that? Why?
  • Apple denied request to delay App Store changes resulting from Epic lawsuit

    crowley said: Seems very sensible to me.  Apple asked for a multi year delay to a judgement because...?  It's hard and will take a few months to implement?  Not justified at all.  
    Judge is ignoring that iPhone customers already know how to buy things online (like subscriptions or ebooks/audio books) for use with apps downloaded from the App Store. You can't really make much of an argument that this order requires immediate action when Netflix, Spotify, Amazon rake in big bucks from their iOS apps and customers never pay inside the app or use links inside the app. 
    True, but you’re talking apples and oranges. That’s exactly why the ruling and the order only applies to IAPs inside gaming apps. It’s not about regular subscriptions. It’s about “friction” against impulse, the essential dynamics of gambling. These apps prey on that impulse, and the judge has ruled unequivocally that Apple, having created and maintained the smooth platform these predators use to reduce that friction, is entitled to its cut.
  • Apple denied request to delay App Store changes resulting from Epic lawsuit

    I haven’t read the order, but obviously this isn’t about links to outside payments inside the app — it’s about how Apple then collects its cut of those payments, which the judge ruled they can collect. So a whole system for doing that has to be put in place. It’s not a small thing — it’s a major change to how Apple collects its share of IAPs. 

    Apple basically has to create a set of requirements that allow them to audit payments originating inside the app. Surely they will require compliance with those requirements for an app to be approved. 

    That said, it’s not exactly rocket science. Apple can do that in a timely manner. So I get the judge’s criticism. But I also think it’s likely the appeal to the higher court will succeed, on the grounds that it will be costly for Apple to implement and then roll back a change like that if they win their appeal. 
  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    So M1 is Armv8 architecture M2 is Armv9 architecture?
    In the Ars Technica thread on this (their summary of the leak is a bit more complete than this AI article, but it's still confusing), someone said, "ARMv9 adds CCA and SVE2, but I don't see why Apple needs either given they already have a Secure Enclave, Neural Engine, and GPU."

    Apple will eventually support ARMv9, but there isn't any compelling reason for them to do so immediately, if comments from random Internet posters are to be believed... It makes sense, 
    though. Apple is basically leading the way in the development of ARM architectures, so the standard architecture will lag behind them. 
  • Leaked Apple Silicon roadmap hints at new Mac Pro, MacBook Air

    Doesn’t seem like there’s much here other than codenames, except further confirmation of the idea that the desktop-class M1 iMac Pro configurations will be dual and quad …

    The big leak might be the news of a 3nm quad design — that seems like exactly what Apple would want for the high end in a new Mac Pro.