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  • Editorial: Will Apple's $6k+ Mac Pro require brainwash marketing to sell?

    madan said:
    I'm not trying to make it hard on anyone.  But I am trying to clear things up so people know what they're getting into.  Buyers remorse sucks.  It would be a shame to spend 8k on a computer and find out that it competes unfavorably with a 5k iMac Pro.
    This is a machine whose buyers don’t really need purchasing advice. They either have 99 percentile purchasing power, they know what they need it for, or both.

    I can see giving advice for buying a base model iMac 27 versus of optioned up iMac 21.5, or maybe a used 2013 Mac Pro versus an iMac 27 (or Mac mini), or an optioned up iMac 27 versus an iMac Pro, but if someone is asking for advice on buying a 2019 Mac Pro, the advice should be an automatic no.

    Not sure what Dilger is going on about in regard to this Mac Pro though, as he’s just mocking the media, which is low hanging fruit. Mocking the media is necessary, as they are a net-net negative on humanity, so I liked the article, but what it has to do with the Mac Pro, who knows.
  • Editorial: No, the new 2019 Mac Pro isn't a fairy tale come true

    You're assuming that most people think the same way as you. They don't, which is why Apple still sells a shit ton of Macs and has the customer sat ratings that it enjoys. My 2018 MBP is my favorite Mac ever, and yes, I've used them since the 9" b&w screen.
    I’ll second your experience here. After using my work 2018 MBP15 for 6 months now, I think it is is the best laptop Apple has made. I’ve used a 2015 MBP15 (retina), a 2012 MBP12 (unibody), and 2008 MBP15 (aluminum), and the 2018 is better than those machines in most respects. Always found myself using the last model year for each gen.

    The thinness of the 4th gen MBP15 is great. I like the feel of the keyboard. Fit and finish are a lot better than the prior models. I actually use the Touch Bar quite a bit in There are changes I’d like to make to the design, but you have those desires for everything you buy. If it wasn’t for the reliability issues with the keyboard, nobody would be arguing about it and would have just moved on just like with every other generational change in Apple’s devices.

  • Review: Anker PowerPort III Nano is the charger Apple should've shipped with the iPhone 11...

    Would be helpful if this Anker charger was actually pictured with the 18 W Apple charger. 
  • Inside Apple's fantastically fast new Mac Pro

    BigDann said:
    This reminds me of the Three Bears story! The Mac mini is too cold, the new MacPro is too hot! The 2013 is the not quite good enough!

    Apple swung hard to the Animators & videographers with this design. Which is good!

    But us photographers got short changed! Now if Apple where to take this design and make a desktop version dropping a few of the slots. Basically, the 2013 on steroids! I would buy one to replace my aging 2013 Trash Can!
    You’re not the only one who wants a “less pro” Mac Pro, but there’s aren’t enough of you. Sure, Apple could make a cut-down version with fewer PCIe and DIMM slots, a smaller power supply and case, etc. But given the demand (relatively low) and buyer demographic (much less likely to order higher-end BTO configs), it would be priced somewhere around $9,999. 
    You're just asserting opinions as fact. You don't know what the demand is, and you don't know the "buyer demographic". That said, it's quite possible that Apple shares your opinions.

    Your quoted price is ridiculous, though. Apple could do quite well with an "xMac" (as discussed here endlessly) in the $3k range. They just decided they'd rather segment their market in a different way.
    Yeah, there is currently a $2500 to $5000 hole in Apple’s lineup right now.

    The issue still seems to be Apple is offering the iMac 27” as its prosumer offering, and are foregoing any customers that want more. Don’t understand what they are thinking when they don’t offer up to 10 TB HDD options in the iMac 27, or 4 TB SSD options. They don’t need to change the design of the internals for the storage, just offer the option in the iMac 27. I’d get an 8 TB Fusion drive option in a heartbeat.

    Then, if you want a 34” monitor, you are stuck with getting the Mac mini, and living with cabling hell. Heck, not selling a branded 27” 5K monitor to go with the Mac mini and TB3 laptops is definitely something I want to read about in a book. They basically left a billion dollars per year off the table, and I want to know what reasoning convinced them to not sell a TB3 5K monitor. And, it would have driven the iMac 27 down to a $1500 price tier.

    They are still entirely too focused on limiting the product line, and many of the issues that got them in trouble in the 90s don’t really exist anymore.

  • Inside Apple's fantastically fast new Mac Pro

    karmadave said:
    The new Mac Pro will largely appeal to Audio and Video professionals who's company foots the bill. A ) it's not a Consumer machine and B ) it's under-featured and overpriced compared to PC Workstations from Dell, HP, and Lenovo...
    A. Lots of YouTubers will buy them. These will be 2, 3, 4 person shops running FCP. You can maybe say there will be more sales to YouTubers than Hollywood studios. Another niche will be cloud service providers who will buy them for macOS hosting.

    B. This point goes against what you are saying in A. These machines are in price tiers where the price of the hardware is a small part of the overall cost of computing. The big shops are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in software licenses per year. They aren’t going to quibble of the cost hardware much, and it won’t be that different anyways.