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  • Apple hires Ford veteran for 'Apple Car' project

    •Marc newson designed the O21C car for Ford as a design exercise in 1999.
    •Newson and Ive, via Love From, have a deal to design cars for Ferrari as of September 2021
    •Ive and Newson are known as "car guys" - From the New Yorker: "He and Newson are car guys, and they feel disappointed with most modern cars"
    •Eddy Cue joined Ferrari's Board of Directors in November 2012.
    •Love From is alleged to continue doing design work for Apple on an unknown basis/project.
    •Apple hires a high level Ford safety exec indicating they are still serious about building a car.
    •Apple hired Ulrich Kranz, a former senior executive at BMW AG’s electric car division in 2021.
    •Apple hired etc.etc.etc.

    Seems to me the car project is still very much on and moving forward. And as far as looking at what Tesla did wrong, why bother if you are hiring exerienced designers, executives, engineers and experts from within the industry? The mistake Tesla made was not hiring anyone from the car industry until their production line was in chaos. Like Apple would ever do anything like that.

  • Apple's 3 meter Thunderbolt 4 Pro cable is now available

    killroy said:
    jdw said:
    dutchlord said:
    $159 for a cable right? #byebye
    Active Thunderbolt cables are expensive, this isn't news. This is also the only option available if you need this length and power/data.
    Length/power/datarate/value aside, what is a practical use-case for this TB4 cable right now?

    A raid that's not on your desktop.

    Right, like a RAID in a sound cabinet because it's too noisy to be in the room.
  • Surfshark, TurboVPN and more are secretly undermining security

    zimmie said:
    As I keep saying, there's nothing private about most of these "VPN" services. They are proxies which use VPN technologies for the client-to-proxy leg of the connection.

    With most, you are exchanging snooping from your telco for snooping from Belarusian companies and telcos. Not exactly an upgrade in privacy.

    Would that include Proton VPN?
  • Smarthome firm and early HomeKit partner Insteon is dead, with no warning to customers

    Guess I'll be changing over to a Lutron Caseta system. I've got about 20 Insteon devices around the house controlled with Indigo software. Caseta integrates with Homekit which is probably the direction I will go.
  • Johny Srouji says the Apple Silicon strategy challenged Apple

    hucom2000 said:
    Personally I’m more impressed with the silicon quantum chips IBM and Intel are developing.
    There are tons of real physical challenges to quantum computing. One of them is the extremely short-lived and unstable lifetime of operation. There yet has to be found a solution for error correction for the mess that comes out of it. We’re years away from a commercial product - maybe decades.

    Kind of like self-driving cars. It's gonna take a lot longer to reach practical reality than people think.