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  • Apple catching up with MacBook Pro, iPhone demand, says analysts

    Well, just got an email that my MBP16 was pushed back from a 11/17-24 delivery to 12/14-21, so not sure what this report is talking about shipping times shrinking!
    Me too!

    My delivery of the new 16" MacBook Pro has been pushed back from 11/12-17 to 11/26-30. :-(

    Can't wait!
  • Canadian carrier set iPhone clocks back one hour, a week early

    Why can't we just eliminate this time change nonsense, once and for all, since it's virtually disliked by everyone!
  • Apple Fitness+ review: A physical & mental health godsend during the pandemic winter

    Can Apple Fitness+ be improved? Of course, but I think it's a great beginning. I like the production values, I like the trainers, I like the stats and tie-ins with my watch and health app, and I like the workouts that I've done. I use it consistently for running, biking, and rowing. 

    One improvement comes to mind and that is the ability to be able to fast forward through a workout. There are times when you could lose an internet connection and it would be nice to get back to where you were, and it would be great to be able to preview a class by scanning through it.

    I like the smiling, friendly, and encouraging instructors, but when they add comments between the trainers like what are your goals or what are some of your favorite memories, once you've done the workout a few times that gets old. How many times do you need to hear Sam say that her goal is to be the best she can be? So, that sort of thing makes the class more dated.

    But, overall, I think Apple Fitness+ is a great value for what it is and I look forward to seeing the app evolve. Meanwhile, through my use of it, I've toned up and lost a few COVID pounds.
  • Tile launches Premium Protect with $1000 lost item reimbursement promise

    Eric_WVGG said:
    wood1208 said:
    Not a smart move. People can lost expensive item attached with tile tag and can't locate so get $1000 ?
    not to sound all hand-wavey, but there’s an entire industry called "insurance" that has over a century of learning how to deal with fraud. 

    I wanted to stick a Tile on my bicycle, but I could never figure out a way to attach one beyond glue, and have very little faith in glue holding up during bad weather.
    If you just want to attach your Tile to your bike, just use a plastic zip tie. There are multiple places you could attach it that way.
  • Microsoft in talks to buy TikTok for up to $30 billion

    I'm no programmer, but isn't this a fairly simple app? Why does something like that take 15 million lines of code? And, if that takes 15 million lines of code what does an app like Photoshop take? Thanks...